Way Up Top

Yesterday began with a fantastic drive and hike up to Mt. Mitchel, one of our state's greatest features. Decked in our coolest, most hiking appropriate (but not in the eyes of anyone except the fashion conscience), we pioneered to the peak. High fashion, at high altitudes.
*Pants: Vintage, Tee: Jedediah, Vest: Givenchy, Shoes: Chuck Taylor, Accessories: Vintage. Wallet: Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton

Burnsville We Go Hard

We found out the fun way just how interesting animal print mumuus can make any given situation.

Out on the town

The besties and I decided it was high time to take an evening to have some pointless, but ever so fullfilling fun. Aimless driving, chain smoking, and sippin' sweet tea. Summer in the mountains. Does it get any better?

Fashion WTF? Moment

According to PerezHilton.com, Beth Dito is now creating her own fashion line. I couldn't be more repulsed. Nothing says fashion forward like a vulgar, morbidly obese lesbian. If you don't know who she is, google it.

Madge back at Vuitton

I suppose the first run of Madonna's PR stint with Louis Vuitton proved to be quite successful, seeing now that the Queen of Pop is returning to be the face for Louis Vuitton's 2009/2010 collections. I, fortunately, got to see the first round of Madge campaign photos all over billboards in downtown Los Angeles, and it looks as though these are going to be just as enticing. Way to go girl!


Review Time! Lanvin Men Spring 2010 RTW

Ok. Lanvin, as some people know, is one of my absolute top three labels in women's clothing. To me, it just doesn't get much better. So for men's wear, it's no surprise that I felt that love flow equally thru my veins when I seen Alber t Elbaz's new showing. The collection is incredibly street smart; its pieces can be worn during day , yet with the right accessory- in this case, a pocket square or plaid tie, can be ushered into evening with the snap of a button or two. Even though the collection was a bit fem for men's wear, especially the high waisted pleated silk-yes, silk- pants, it still proved to be a fantastical (in the words of Lady Gaga), innovative, loose feeling fashion forward line of apparel. The only big thing I wasn't particularly a fan of was the over usage of silk-drawn sun visors. I didn't like them when Vuitton done them several years back, and I don't like them now. After all, why would anyone want to hide their face when they're wearing such fantastic clothes?


An Ode to Michael Jackson

With the sudden death of the King of Pop, I only found it fitting to pay homage to the great in my own way. Taking style tips from the Gloved One has always been easy, and repetitively done. It's not too hard, or hard to convince people, to want to try and dress like the legendary music man. If your like me, you'll take any opportunity to wear a sequined jacket or skin tight pants paired with black and white oxfords and rhinestone glove. Michael Jackson had the same type of style following that Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were able to garner. With each new self- invention came the always expected sleuth of teenage followers, developing the look to their own style and budget. When the death of Michael was revealed, I couldn't help but to think about the role he has played in the arena of style, which got me to thinking of his newest inspired look- Balmain's critically adored Fall 2009 RTW show. The line featured a plethora of high vaulted shoulders in strong military styles, reminiscent of those Mikey so often wore during the 80's, most notably for videos like Thriller and Billy Jean. So for my own personal tribute, I'm going to make this an opportunity to dress with a little more flash and pizazz. I do in fact want to make Michael proud.


The Gloved One dies at 50

Michael Jackson, 50, has been reported dead of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles. A true pioneer in music and style alike, he managed to reach into the hearts and souls of millions across the globe in a 30 plus year career. Always controversial, yet never rightly so, he will be remembered for what he in fact was- a truly gifted performer like no other before him, during his reign, or after. My thoughts go to his family, friends and three children. No one will ever replace the "King". Rest in Peace Mr. Jackson. You are missed by many.

-Brandon Brewer


WTF Bill O' Reilly?

Ok, when I was flipping thru the channels last night, I had to stop in my tracks when I seen the new Calvin Klein ad being featured on Bill O' Reilly. Apparently he and his team were "concerned" about the imagery, and the fact that it was being plastered across a 20 story building in New York. Call me crazy, but isn't risque fashion ad's an all too common issue to make into a big deal these days? He should see the Dolce and Gabbana ones from 3 seasons ago!



Soo Sorry I haven't made a post in over 2 MONTHS. That's a veeerrry long time, but it's been a busy time for me since I got back from Arizona. But I'm so happy to say that MOS is up and running again, so be ready ready ready for more post from yours truly.