Why I love her

Ok, so I know Lindsay Lohan is a bit of a mess, but c'mom lets be honest-she's a hot mess. She does drugs, plays both teams, wrecks expensive cars, and parties a tad too much. But, what I love about her, is that she knows her place in the world; she knows shes got a reputation, and she runs with it. She has taken her image of a boho drug princess and ran with it. She's molded her image in the likes of past celeb tragedy stories, such as naming her clothing line after Marilyn Monroe's birthday, and having photo sessions emulating the likes of her and many other in the same style. These pics by Hedi Slimane are in the same fashion. The photographer has photographed the likes of Pete Doherty and Cortney Love, both of whom are known for their wild antics and out-there living. The pics is just Lohan further extending the image of a hard partying youth at its finest-captivating on smoking, skinny figures, barely there attire, and that "I haven't slept in a week" look. Yes, lovers- it's photos like these that remind me why I love Lohan so much. Even if she is a drinking, partying, drug addicted Mean Girl.

Bruno Trailer Finally Released

You have to enter your birthday in the boxes on the screen, since its a Mature Audiences Only tailer.


chanel much?

my own drawing in support of my fav designer.


Out n About

Me yesterday, before my venture to the Air Space Museum in Pima, AZ.

Vest/Vintage, Shirt/Oscar de la Renta, Tie/Dior