Good things at Goodwill

I was in one of the many many Tucson Goodwills two days ago, and while snooping out the men's shoes I spotted 2 things that tickled my fancy-; well, sort of. The first was a pair of men's Christian Dior shoes for $19.99. I liked the shoe, which had an obvious vintage appeal. The problem- 2 sizes too big. No amount of tissue in the toe is going to solve that problem.

The next item was yet another pair of shoes- 4 pairs down to be exact. The label, Coach. The positive was that they looked brand new, and that they were my size. The negative? They looked like something that came across with the pilgrims on the Santa Maria. They were overly clunky leather masses that would have sank my foot down quicker than the Titanic. And even at only $9.99, that my dear, was no ship I wanted to sail in.

Cool Trousers

I love these men's trousers.

They're from the collaboration from Chloe' Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. High waisted flared men's trousers, fully equipped with suspenders? I'm there.


Jerry Hall For Chanel!

The 51 year old makes her triumphant return to campaigns for Chanel's new bag line. This is what 50 looks like? Wow.

Charleston Fashion Week Info

With Charleston Fashion Week being just one month away, I thought it would be a good idea to showcase the designers featured in this years week-long event. There are 3 finalists as of now, and several more competing to be featured in the shows as well. The 3 finalists include Lindsey Carter, Alena Fede and Maria Dobrzanska, and the remaining semi-finalists include Swapnali Ahire, Emily Bargeron, Amanda Deleon, Shan Keith and Jonathan Nigel Moore.

My personal favs include Alena Fede of Charleston, who is originally from Moscow. Her designs are classic and simple, and remind me of Chloe, in the way she creates loose-fitting pieces in boho-chic fabrics. Her ensembles are a keen sense of class and sexiness. Other standouts are Dobrzanska's "Marysia Charleston" Brand, who created a fabulous swimwear line mixing modern color pallets infused with vintage 50's and 60's motifs in style and cut.

Even though most of the creators are out of the SC region, there were 3 that are from North Carolina. Lindsey Carter originated from Wilmington Beach,Amanda Deleon is from Wilmington, and Jonathan Nigel Moore is form Raleigh. Deleon's creations are my personal favorite, and not just because she's from my home state. her designs are very Lanvin-esq, in that they're a great composition of architectural construction, and effortlessly blends rich fabrics that creates a vintage look but has its roots remaining in the south.

And there's even going to be a celeb guest judge at the event! Project Runway star Mychael Knight, who has had his clothes worn by Ciara, Queen Latifa, Jennifer Hudson and Kim Porter, will serve as guest judge throughout the week.

*Pictured is a look by Alena Fede, from Charleston. CF/W begins March 24th and extends thru the 28th.

Fore more info visit:

Charleston Fashion Week Is Near!


Oscars Best And Worst Dressed

My votes are in- it's time for the BEST and Worst dressed from the 2009 Oscars.

WORST: Some of the worst included the not-so-relevent Phoebe Cates in a dowdy, what appears to be Indian inspired gown, designer I know not. I must give kudos to Freida Pinto in John Galliano, for she at least tried to be fashionable. I just didn't like it though- it came off as too aging. Virginia Madsen also attempted to be fashionable in an architectural gown in red by Kevan Hall, but unfortunately this architecural creation was as flat as a single wide trailer in reality. The cast of Doubt was also a let down. Amy Adams looked nothing short of pudgy and uncomfortable in her Carolina Herrera frock, and Meryl Streep (who I absolutely love and am always rooting for) looked as though she wore a dapper potatoe sack to the event. On the plus side, her face looked quite youthfful. And then there is Viola Davis, who I couldn't figure out where to place. Her dress by Reem Acra wasn't bad, per se, but it definetely isn't worthy of a best dressed list. The gold lame was just a tad much for me. Others to stand out in the worst category- Jessica Biel looking boring and dull in Prada, Heidi Klum looking like an oragami bird that crashed, in Roland Mouret, and Beyonce Knowls in a tacky "inspired by God-only-knows-what" gown by (not so surprisingly) House of Dereon. The worst however- well, I hated to do it, seeing how I don't even know who the person is, nore the designer, but the ensemble is just so bad, that only she would merit getting put in the number one spot-Robin Swicord.

BEST: There is hope however! There was a handfull that gave me hope. Taraji Henson in Roberto Cavalli was spot on, and winner Kate Winslet in YSL was gorgous, although it would have been nice to see her in an actual color for once. Tina Fey also looked far from funny. My top picks though, in this order would be

4. Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab complimented by Lorraine Schwartz jewlery. Of course it's black, but of course-she looks stunning. Having Brad by her side certainly didn't hurt.

3. Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive. She is this era's Audrey Hepburn, and this dress proved it. Sure it matched her skin color perfectly, but it worked. She was the epitome of glamour.

2. Penelope Cruz in vintage Balmain. I love seeing actresses showcasing vintage. It's rare that they do it, but when they do, it's usually with a very good end result. And it wasn't a mermaid dress!

1. Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior Haute Couture. I knew as soon as I first seen it that it would be my top pick, and not just because I hold SJP to be my fashion icon. Stunning. And once again- not a mermaid dress!

This was a year of style for the awards seasons, but as alot of people have mentioned, it's been purely a hit or miss with each event. It's either very good, or it's very bad. Where is the fashion middle ground?! But I digress; it was a night of glamour and gold, both on the statue and on the gowns.


Academy Update

Taraji Henson in Roberto Cavalli- Absolutely stunning. Great shape

Freida Pinto in John Galliano-Progressive and props for goin with Galliano, but it comes off as a little grandma at church for me.

Viola Davis in Reem Acra-On trend but doesn't fit too well. A little too Dream Girls-esque

Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior Haute Couture-Stunning. Leave it to Mrs. Parker to be the showstopper. Thanks for giving us hope!

Diane Lane in Dolce and Gabbana- Good look for her. Age appropriate and beautiful.

Amanda Seyfried in Valentino Haute Couture-Once again, mad props for going all "fashiony" and proggresive with the huge bow, but it just didn't work for me. The dress itself should have been a little longer.

Miley Cyrus in a Zuhair Murad -Beautiful dress but not too age appropriate. It is the best gown she's worn all season though. Props to her!

Virginia Madsen in a Kevan Hall gown-An example of what I was talking about earlier- an inventive and ambitious dress but absolutely falls flat on the body. You can always count on at least one person to do this per ceremony.

Vanessa Hudgens in Marchesa-The dreaded mermaid dress. She's too young to be sporting this dated look. MOVE ON!

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive- The final confirmation of why Hathaway is the newest and most genuine fashion icon of this generation. Stunning.

Kate Winslet in Yves Saint Laurent- Stunning as usual. I love the gown. May not be as good as previous choices this season, but still a genuine show stopper.

Oscars Fashion Predictions

I'm just now beginning to watch the red carpet, and I've thus far not seen any relevant stars in clothing yet, so before I notice people coming out of the limos I'll go ahead and make some predictions about what we'll see tonight. First off, I think it'll simply be a repeat of the past awards shows this season.

1. One shoulder gowns. Asymmetry is popular nowadays, but I feel like it's getting played out by this point.

2. Structured silhouettes with architectural layouts. Good trend, but hard to play off. Unfortunately most aren't able to.

3. Mermaid gowns. It's hard not to look good in these gowns, which is why everyone wears them. By this point though, their over used as what I would call the most fashionable crutch around. Magazines and designers alike are now routing for a more loose body structure to give a new look.

4. Colors. Black is classy, yet is somewhat too safe for these events. Also the fact that lots of designers- including Marc Jacobs , put out bright colors just last week for Fashion Week could influence what stars will wear.

5. Understated elegance. Colors are OK. Gold lame and sequins are not. To be in a recession and flaunt wealth is just bad taste, and the stars and their stylists alike know this.

Vintage Pick

I've decided to share my love of vintage, by now writing and highlighting at least 3 or 4 pieces of vintage that I find online each week. I've often said it's a crime for more people to not be interested in vintage clothing and accessories, since you can get such nice things for the less than exorbitant prices. For the first installment, I wanted to show this purse from the early 1960's. Even if it's not your personal style, you have to appreciate it for what it is, which is a piece of history that can be worn, that has withstood for almost half a century. I think the bag is perfect for the oncoming summer months. I love the detail and the kitchiness of it, and it's simply just a fun bag. It in fact, looks almost good enough to eat.


Cardigans To Die For

I seen this men's cardigan by Insight, and I fell in love. The color, the shape, the size-it all works. Cardigans are huge this season, and even us boys can get in on the action. And at $77, the action doesn't even cost all that much.


Art Update: Let's Go Feathers!

When I seen this paining by Elena Feliciano, I just loved it. Great detail, and even better-great shoes.

McQueen Goes Victorian

For his Pre-Fall show, Alexander McQueen took a road that is perhaps not less traveled by designers, but one that would require a horse and buggy; that is, if you were to take a stroll down the path his clothes appeared to be from. For his 2009 pre-fall showing, McQueen indulged in classic ensembles inspired by the Victorian era, complete with riding gear and evening gowns to match. The collection was scattered with earth tones and heavy fabrics, and looked nothing short of classically elegant and masterfully crafted. Bravo, Mr. McQueen, Bravo.


Biking in Style

The eve of my 9 mile bike trip earlier today, wearing a 2(X)ist tee, Dolce and Gabbana shades, vintage shorts, Ed Hardy shoes and a Louis Vuitton scarf.


Surprise At Goodwill

Louis Vuitton sandals at a Goodwill for the price of $34.98? Yes, in Tucson. I didn't buy them, for what would I do with jewled thong sandals?

Vintage in Tucson

On my first official outing in Tucson, there were a few spots I had to check out. The city surprisingly showcases a plethora of high and low shops, including Coach, Louis Vuitton, Saks, Bebe, Williams-Sonoma and Tiffany & Co. But on my first day out, being a virgin to the local and all, I wanted to check out some off the more low-end spots. I ventured to the University section of the city, also known as the "Yuppie" hangout. Vintage shops, smoke shops and Starbucks lining every corner all made up the scene. One brightly painted building after the other, with the addition of harmonica music in the background and one Beetle Van after the other, all lent to the feel of Haight-Ashbury circa '66. It was truly an amazing place, and the shopping was equally as appealing. I picked up a couple of Robert P. Miller tanks (to go over other vintage tees) at Urban Outfitters, and spotted some killer tees and socks at American Apparel. It was the vintage shops however that truly delivered. I quickly snatched up a May Clothing Co. skinny tie at one shop, and at the next I wrangled up a Burberry top, a short sleeve Dior top in coral, and a perfectly divine Dior sweater with the logo stitched onto the chest. The shopping in Tucson thankfully appears to be as bright and colorful as the buildings lining its streets. This is sure to be a great 2 months.

NY Fashion Week Report: Colors!




This season designers are making sure we're looking on the bright side of things. With collections all across the board that showcased a plethora of black ensembles sprinkled ever so lightly with color confectionery brilliance, the runway this week looked less like a fashion show, and more like a box of crayons.
1.Orange fur coat ensemble at Michael Kors
2.Modern cocktail dress in lemon with applique detail at Jason Wu
3.Bold blue boho chic at Anna Sui
4.High constructed yet loosely fitted jacket and skirt in wool red and pink, accented by green, at Marc Jacobs
5.60's rocker chic inspired pieces with subdued, almost antique pallets at 3.1 Phillip Lim (whose collection is one of my favs from the shows this week)

Homage To le Chanel

Just my own tribute to the famed house. I created a series of these that I'll show over the next couple of weeks. Not very pro, but you get the idea.


Vacation! All I Ever Needed

Me entering the Tucson Airport on the eve of my 2 month vacation.

*Jeans, True Religion
Shirt, Vintage
Vest, Vintage
Scarf, Chanel
Shoes, Ed Hardy
Messenger, Prada

Rag and Bone Prepare for a Dark Fall

The label infamously, and pleasingly known for its earth tone hues and edgy cuts, has put out it's Fall RTW collection, which let no one down. The show, which was full of striking cuts and bold, dark hues, seemed to bring an eerie sense of sadness and disparity to the minds of its witnesses, which shown thru even on screen (as I seen it). A reflection of the world's current status, or just the designers going even further into that entity in which they are known for, I am not sure. But the fact that it invokes haunting emotions, yet makes those emotions appealing enough to want to wear, make the collection something worth looking into.

Plaid Made For Spring

Over the past year, the idea of wearing plaid has went from being the stigma of all lumberjacks, to the go-to pattern for stylish folks all across the world. It seemed to appear on every one's runway, from McQueen to Jacobs, to Chanel and of course, Dolce. This of course trickled down into the mass-consumer market (ie, Wal-Mart and mall shops alike), which then made everyone want a slice of the pie. The color palette has thus far been of darker hues, staying with reds and burgundys, browns and blacks, and yes, a few in between. The question that I had been asking however, is "Would the trend lend itself to the Spring collections as well?", and yes, it has. In its own unique, and more subdued way, of course. It was shown at numerous shows, my favorite being Gucci in a couple of looks from the house's Pre-Fall collection. I also noticed some light plaid button-downs by Fox Racing Co. in the local mall, displayed in light saturations more appropriate for the season, in light purple, yellow and turquoise. That of course means the popularity of the entity known as Plaid will for sure endure for at least one more season. Watch out lumberjacks-here we come.


Report Coral Heels

I love these shoes. I was introduced to them by a friend, and I think they're great. They're made of real leather, and posses all the look of that of a high fashion brand. The straps are fantastic, and the heel- oh that heel! And at $184, that steal- oh, that Steal!

7...For $10? Thanks, Mankind!

Long story short: visiting a new local boutique in my hometown the other day, entitled "Ooh La La". Very well decorated, very trendy. Ok, so it's a consignment shop, but hey- were in a recession, so it almost seems trendy to shop in vintage and consignment shops, right? Thought so. As I was scanning the racks of jeans, what do I find? A pair of 7 For All Mankind "A" Pocket jeans, looking quite brand new might I add. Price tag? $10. Ok, sold. I love 7 jeans; I already owned 3 pair, one of which were another pair of the A pocket. The jeans aren't cheap-usually $120-$200 a pair, so a brand new (ish) pair for $10? Sounds like Heaven to me. I could really get used to this recessionista thing.

Y-3 Get's a Big "N" From Me

Critics are revelling in Yoji's new Fall RTW collection, shown in NY last week. I know I may not yet have a degree, nor be overly qualified to make vast judgements on things, but I do have eyes, and sense, and I know what looks good. I did not like Y-3's new collection at all, and that's putting it in a nice way. The whole thing was overly indulgent of 90's fashion themes, and I though that by now most people had agreed that the 90's was not a shining time for fashion, and really shouldn't be repeated. Over sized pants and shirts paired with tacky accessories made up the collection. And yes, there were even....sweatpants. Wheres the justice? Not to mention someone to tell him Never to do that. Ever, again.

Posh Spice Gets a Little More...Posh?

Victoria Beckham has been infamous for the past couple of years in the world of fashion. First creating her now-fledgling line of high end denim called DVB, and then creating a small collection of dresses that were well made and greatly tailored yet extremely safe and contemporary last Fall. This season Beckham has once again created a collection for Fall RTW that is chalked full of dresses that are extremely well made (it's easy to see in the photos), and even better tailored. Just like last years, the dresses, which range from cocktail to shift to evening (and there's even a cape or two this time around) are quite simple, yet veer a little further from the safety net, and would be considered highly contemporary. I find this refreshing though. She's not going into this with an ego, saying "Look at me I'm Victoria B", giving herself the freedom to do whatever it is she pleases, but instead moving into this area slowly, trying to garner respect as she moves forward. The dresses are beautiful to look at, and make the female body look well, which after all is what clothes should do. As it turns out, Mrs. Beckham may in fact have a little "spice" of her own to offer the world of fashion.


Total She-Male

One of the longest running trends in women's wear has been to take men's clothing and make it your own. This of course was pioneered by Yves Saint Laurent in the late 60's with the launch of the first ever designer women's 3-piece suit, a la Le Smoking. This tend continues from season to season in some way shape or form, and I decided to take the task of creating a women's look from a man's wardrobe-specifically mine. My idea was to inject my own clothes into an ensemble that could be worn on a female, while keeping a current trend on the front burner. I decided to go with neon brights- something that is vastly popular and widely seen this spring for youthful young women. I peered into my closet and took some mental notes on what I though would look good (not to mention appropriately wearable) on my model/victim/friend, Shana. What the result was was a look of modern ultra cool, and gave Shana a huge sense of confidence. We were both surprised at not only how well she looked in the pre-chosen outfit, but also by how good she felt in it. It's safe to say I pushed her boundaries and went past where she would have ever taken her own clothes before. This is all ironic of course, because it's the clothes of a man.

On Shana:

Pale blue Men's button-up: Christian Dior

Neon Turquoise Men's wool-blend sweater (worn as dress): Christian Dior

Belt: Louis Vuitton

Men's Sport Jacket: Lacoste


A Little Mens Wear Briefing

I don't generally comment on menswear collections, but I feel like I'm cutting myself short, seeing how I am indeed a gentlemen myself. I was inspired to do my first men's wear writing after seeing a collection from a fall RTW line by a designer that I admittedly have never heard of- Antonio Azzuolo. That's the fun thing about fashion- you never really know when something new is going to make its way to you, and you then make a real connection with a designer and it's pieces. This is the case with Antonio. I absolutely love his new collection. I think it would rival anything John Galliano has done for Dior in recent years, in it's own special American way. The line itself is a combination of military themed pieces (think Russian Army coats) and "Old New York hipster goes to the races". The collection is filled with a wide array of pieces, from skinny pants to wonderful leather riding boots paired with bright cardigans , blazers, and dinner vest in absolutely and whimsically themed patterns. The most captivating look however was the high- cinched waist he created by belting outside the coats and vests. I have honestly never seen this done by a men's wear line, but have secretly wanted to try it myself for some time now, only fearing the look was a bit too feminine for a man to pull off. I now however have seen the light, and the way in which it could be done. Just another day of self discovery thru the art of clothes.

Rachel Roy Spring RTW 2009

The American version of Chanel's recent Paper collection? Maybe not as stylistically appealing or interesting, but Rachel Roy's Spring RTW collection was indeed surely somewhat re collective of what Lagerfeld done just a small time ago. The collection was interesting in that it was a pure and delightful mixture of textures, while the color palette was left quite minimal. Wools seamlessly blended with silks and sheer was once again heavily incorporated into yet another collection for the season. My only complaint was that at some points in the collection the looks shifted from well-constructed sculptural asymmetrical dresses and well fitted pants to a more "grandma chic" look, where the dresses themselves seemed dowdy and matronly, camouflaged by an interesting textile combination. Though the collection was done in either "all black, white or grey palettes", it still came off as appealing. The only thing lacking was the true ingenious concept of creating looks solely on the lines of the apparel, as Chanel had done with its last collection. Other than that however, a great collection of day-to- night wear. No grey areas here- except for the ones on the clothes themselves.

For the Love of Louboutin

Ok- it's almost officially spring, which means one thing (well, actually it could mean many things, but for now, I'm just going to discuss this one thing)- that yearly excuse to start wearing shoes that show off your feet once again. It's time for toe flaunting and calve baring, and with this season's selection of shoes, this will be an easy task. The only hard part will be deciding which look you want to go for. My favorite new pair of open-toes sling backs is designed by the worlds most famous shoe maker-Mr. Christian Louboutin. The new shoe, called the "Scarpe Platform" is a futuristic exploration that defies gravity and conventional styling. Its layered front sole and sculptured look lend to the highly architectural direction that fashion has been going in for the past few seasons. Its colors are neutral, which then makes the attention shift solely to the shoes construction and distinctive cut. If Louboutin is out of the budget (this is after all an era of recession), then go for lower end brands that have the same feel. Just remember:

Sculptured bodice and architectural structure

Neutral colors that are meant to enhance the shape of the shoe

Heels that are high and show off the foot

An open-toed look to usher in the feeling of spring

Like the Louboutin version, look for a show that features patent leather; it's a timeless look that has carried over season to season and will surprisingly work equally well for spring.

Pajamas 101

This season the fashion world is trying something new- the art of women wearing men's pajamas as street-worthy day wear . This may sound odd at first, but once you try a piece on, it's easy to see why numerous designers are pushing the trend for this spring season. So far, the most "pushed" look is the pajama top itself, as opposed to the whole ensemble. The idea is to take a man's PJ top in an interesting print- possible argyle, paisley or plaid, or even a bold solid in a navy or brown, and mix it with feminine accessories, most commonly a brooch on the lapel. Pearls would also be ideal for the look. Numerous high end designers are getting in on the action, and in its February issue, Vogue went as far as creating a 7 page layout on the look-therefore confirming it as one of the top looks of the season. Out of all of the designers embracing the trend thus far would be Dolce and Gabbana, who in the February issue of Vogue published a 2 page advertisement where all of the models are sporting men's pajamas with an essence of femininity by adding accessories. That's why I was so thrilled to find a Dior pajama set for myself, which I had custom tailored to fit me since they can be typically bulky. I'll mix mine with fun buttons and possibly an un-tied bow tie by Brooks Brothers for an interesting, more masculine look to this Now-In-Process trend.

Pictured is my Dior Pajama top (bottoms not photographed), paired with a Louis Vuitton belt.



The car isn't worth nearly as much as the monogram that it's sporting, but I have to admit that the LV does manage to make the Cutless a little bit more appealing. I doubt I would find myself driving it down the highway, but more power to this dude for trying.


Art for Thought

This was printed in a recent magazine and is meant to display the constant change and relationship between art and fashion. I think I just may get it, by golly.

Really, Kanye?

This is the man who has a new line of shoes for Louis Vuitton? Hmmm. No wonder they are so dull and lacking in style; not to mention not even possessing what would consider minimal attractiveness.


All Tied Up

Fashion and style should be about change, about fun, about creating the unexpected from the most common of things. In this day and time that's not always easy to do, seeing how everything has already been done at some point or another. Lets face it- originality is no longer easy to obtain. But, what we can do is mix things up, and pull past tricks off the back burner to breathe some new air into them to give them a fresh and modern look. One of the things people can do has to do with men's wear. Sure, vests, trenches and suits are all staples in women's wardrobes at some point or another, but one item that is often forgot about, is the tie. Have fun with the tie this spring! And I don't really mean the same way you did back in middle school by pairing it with a black t-shirt and converse and calling yourself a punk. I mean, get classy with your bad self! Use a tie with a bold print or pattern as an accessory- as a belt or hair band. It's not hard, and it gives an interesting shift to the outfit. Since it is spring however, I would advise using light color palettes mixed with florals or whimsical patterns. Shown are some of the ties from my personal collection, including Dior, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein Collection and Armani.

We Love Sprouse!

For Louis Vuitton's Fall collection, Marc Jacobs re-created the Sprouse collection of graffiti art printed bags and accessories in honor of the man who created them for the first round of the Vuitton-Sprouse collection back in 2001, which was a huge success. This time around, florals, neon colors and wild calligraphy find themselves on everything from canvas bags to bangles, underwear, sunglasses, and my personal favorite-leggings. It's a collection to be remembered, and one to scoop up before they become sold out everywhere.


Movie Directing, Lagerfeld Style

Even though it isn't Chanel's latest collection, the Paris-Moscow collection was a stunner filled with elegance, embellishment and high end detail- quite the contrast from January's Couture collection of bare of essentials inspired by paper. But, the Paris-Moscow collection, which was shown in December, was a stunner all itself and deserved more merit than it got in my opinion. For the opening of the show, a video shot in black and white, and that was meant to replicate the silent movie style of the 1920's, was shown as an introduction showing the link between Paris, Moscow, and of course-Chanel. The video was directed by Mr. Lagerfeld himself, and is an art piece in its own right. Take a look for yourself.

Gimme Gimme More. Dior, that is.

Another day, another thrift store find. Me and my pal Amber were once again browsing the same racks that blessed me with the 3 Lacoste sweaters, Yves Saint Laurent button down and a Dior tie, when all of a sudden- I seen it. We were on a shopping trip for her, technically. I was trying to both find her something she would love, as well as make her relay see that vintage shops can in fact be quite fun. But there it was- I seen its logo glaring at me like the hot summer sun. A charcoal black wool Dior sweater just waiting to be plucked from the rack. Oh My God! I yelled with excitement. Here you go! God knows I wanted to keep the thing for myself, but I decided to be the better person here and give it to her (not to mention the fact that I already have the same exact one in turquoise). That was a difficult decision, but I'm glad I did it. To see a gals face when she gets genuine Dior for a $2.00 price tag is nothing short of spectacular.

Crazy for Lacoste!

The other day I was attending one of my weekly thrift store raids, when all of a sudden I got a quite nice surprise. From the corner of my eye I seen what I believed to be that iconic little alligator peeking out from the rack full of daunty and over sized sweaters. And, I was right! There between the rows of tacky patterned vintage sweaters and over coats lie a white Men's Small (thank you God!) Lacoste button down cardigan-looking quite brand new, I might add. Oh! I was so ecstatic! And when I found the price tag, and even sweeter sound ran thru my head- it was $1.50. As I quickly scanned the rest of the rack with much excitement, hoping that I would find more due to some Lacoste junkie such as myself dumping off multiple cardigans at once, I did in fact find more; 3 more to be exact. I only bought 3 however, because the 4th one was a green shade, which I luckily already owned. I ended up getting all 3 for under 6 bucks. Not too bad at all. This time around the Lacoste in fact didn't "La'cost" much at all.