Crazy for Lacoste!

The other day I was attending one of my weekly thrift store raids, when all of a sudden I got a quite nice surprise. From the corner of my eye I seen what I believed to be that iconic little alligator peeking out from the rack full of daunty and over sized sweaters. And, I was right! There between the rows of tacky patterned vintage sweaters and over coats lie a white Men's Small (thank you God!) Lacoste button down cardigan-looking quite brand new, I might add. Oh! I was so ecstatic! And when I found the price tag, and even sweeter sound ran thru my head- it was $1.50. As I quickly scanned the rest of the rack with much excitement, hoping that I would find more due to some Lacoste junkie such as myself dumping off multiple cardigans at once, I did in fact find more; 3 more to be exact. I only bought 3 however, because the 4th one was a green shade, which I luckily already owned. I ended up getting all 3 for under 6 bucks. Not too bad at all. This time around the Lacoste in fact didn't "La'cost" much at all.

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