7...For $10? Thanks, Mankind!

Long story short: visiting a new local boutique in my hometown the other day, entitled "Ooh La La". Very well decorated, very trendy. Ok, so it's a consignment shop, but hey- were in a recession, so it almost seems trendy to shop in vintage and consignment shops, right? Thought so. As I was scanning the racks of jeans, what do I find? A pair of 7 For All Mankind "A" Pocket jeans, looking quite brand new might I add. Price tag? $10. Ok, sold. I love 7 jeans; I already owned 3 pair, one of which were another pair of the A pocket. The jeans aren't cheap-usually $120-$200 a pair, so a brand new (ish) pair for $10? Sounds like Heaven to me. I could really get used to this recessionista thing.

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