Posh Spice Gets a Little More...Posh?

Victoria Beckham has been infamous for the past couple of years in the world of fashion. First creating her now-fledgling line of high end denim called DVB, and then creating a small collection of dresses that were well made and greatly tailored yet extremely safe and contemporary last Fall. This season Beckham has once again created a collection for Fall RTW that is chalked full of dresses that are extremely well made (it's easy to see in the photos), and even better tailored. Just like last years, the dresses, which range from cocktail to shift to evening (and there's even a cape or two this time around) are quite simple, yet veer a little further from the safety net, and would be considered highly contemporary. I find this refreshing though. She's not going into this with an ego, saying "Look at me I'm Victoria B", giving herself the freedom to do whatever it is she pleases, but instead moving into this area slowly, trying to garner respect as she moves forward. The dresses are beautiful to look at, and make the female body look well, which after all is what clothes should do. As it turns out, Mrs. Beckham may in fact have a little "spice" of her own to offer the world of fashion.

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