Oscars Fashion Predictions

I'm just now beginning to watch the red carpet, and I've thus far not seen any relevant stars in clothing yet, so before I notice people coming out of the limos I'll go ahead and make some predictions about what we'll see tonight. First off, I think it'll simply be a repeat of the past awards shows this season.

1. One shoulder gowns. Asymmetry is popular nowadays, but I feel like it's getting played out by this point.

2. Structured silhouettes with architectural layouts. Good trend, but hard to play off. Unfortunately most aren't able to.

3. Mermaid gowns. It's hard not to look good in these gowns, which is why everyone wears them. By this point though, their over used as what I would call the most fashionable crutch around. Magazines and designers alike are now routing for a more loose body structure to give a new look.

4. Colors. Black is classy, yet is somewhat too safe for these events. Also the fact that lots of designers- including Marc Jacobs , put out bright colors just last week for Fashion Week could influence what stars will wear.

5. Understated elegance. Colors are OK. Gold lame and sequins are not. To be in a recession and flaunt wealth is just bad taste, and the stars and their stylists alike know this.

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