Plaid Made For Spring

Over the past year, the idea of wearing plaid has went from being the stigma of all lumberjacks, to the go-to pattern for stylish folks all across the world. It seemed to appear on every one's runway, from McQueen to Jacobs, to Chanel and of course, Dolce. This of course trickled down into the mass-consumer market (ie, Wal-Mart and mall shops alike), which then made everyone want a slice of the pie. The color palette has thus far been of darker hues, staying with reds and burgundys, browns and blacks, and yes, a few in between. The question that I had been asking however, is "Would the trend lend itself to the Spring collections as well?", and yes, it has. In its own unique, and more subdued way, of course. It was shown at numerous shows, my favorite being Gucci in a couple of looks from the house's Pre-Fall collection. I also noticed some light plaid button-downs by Fox Racing Co. in the local mall, displayed in light saturations more appropriate for the season, in light purple, yellow and turquoise. That of course means the popularity of the entity known as Plaid will for sure endure for at least one more season. Watch out lumberjacks-here we come.

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