Pajamas 101

This season the fashion world is trying something new- the art of women wearing men's pajamas as street-worthy day wear . This may sound odd at first, but once you try a piece on, it's easy to see why numerous designers are pushing the trend for this spring season. So far, the most "pushed" look is the pajama top itself, as opposed to the whole ensemble. The idea is to take a man's PJ top in an interesting print- possible argyle, paisley or plaid, or even a bold solid in a navy or brown, and mix it with feminine accessories, most commonly a brooch on the lapel. Pearls would also be ideal for the look. Numerous high end designers are getting in on the action, and in its February issue, Vogue went as far as creating a 7 page layout on the look-therefore confirming it as one of the top looks of the season. Out of all of the designers embracing the trend thus far would be Dolce and Gabbana, who in the February issue of Vogue published a 2 page advertisement where all of the models are sporting men's pajamas with an essence of femininity by adding accessories. That's why I was so thrilled to find a Dior pajama set for myself, which I had custom tailored to fit me since they can be typically bulky. I'll mix mine with fun buttons and possibly an un-tied bow tie by Brooks Brothers for an interesting, more masculine look to this Now-In-Process trend.

Pictured is my Dior Pajama top (bottoms not photographed), paired with a Louis Vuitton belt.

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