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With Charleston Fashion Week being just one month away, I thought it would be a good idea to showcase the designers featured in this years week-long event. There are 3 finalists as of now, and several more competing to be featured in the shows as well. The 3 finalists include Lindsey Carter, Alena Fede and Maria Dobrzanska, and the remaining semi-finalists include Swapnali Ahire, Emily Bargeron, Amanda Deleon, Shan Keith and Jonathan Nigel Moore.

My personal favs include Alena Fede of Charleston, who is originally from Moscow. Her designs are classic and simple, and remind me of Chloe, in the way she creates loose-fitting pieces in boho-chic fabrics. Her ensembles are a keen sense of class and sexiness. Other standouts are Dobrzanska's "Marysia Charleston" Brand, who created a fabulous swimwear line mixing modern color pallets infused with vintage 50's and 60's motifs in style and cut.

Even though most of the creators are out of the SC region, there were 3 that are from North Carolina. Lindsey Carter originated from Wilmington Beach,Amanda Deleon is from Wilmington, and Jonathan Nigel Moore is form Raleigh. Deleon's creations are my personal favorite, and not just because she's from my home state. her designs are very Lanvin-esq, in that they're a great composition of architectural construction, and effortlessly blends rich fabrics that creates a vintage look but has its roots remaining in the south.

And there's even going to be a celeb guest judge at the event! Project Runway star Mychael Knight, who has had his clothes worn by Ciara, Queen Latifa, Jennifer Hudson and Kim Porter, will serve as guest judge throughout the week.

*Pictured is a look by Alena Fede, from Charleston. CF/W begins March 24th and extends thru the 28th.

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