For the Love of Louboutin

Ok- it's almost officially spring, which means one thing (well, actually it could mean many things, but for now, I'm just going to discuss this one thing)- that yearly excuse to start wearing shoes that show off your feet once again. It's time for toe flaunting and calve baring, and with this season's selection of shoes, this will be an easy task. The only hard part will be deciding which look you want to go for. My favorite new pair of open-toes sling backs is designed by the worlds most famous shoe maker-Mr. Christian Louboutin. The new shoe, called the "Scarpe Platform" is a futuristic exploration that defies gravity and conventional styling. Its layered front sole and sculptured look lend to the highly architectural direction that fashion has been going in for the past few seasons. Its colors are neutral, which then makes the attention shift solely to the shoes construction and distinctive cut. If Louboutin is out of the budget (this is after all an era of recession), then go for lower end brands that have the same feel. Just remember:

Sculptured bodice and architectural structure

Neutral colors that are meant to enhance the shape of the shoe

Heels that are high and show off the foot

An open-toed look to usher in the feeling of spring

Like the Louboutin version, look for a show that features patent leather; it's a timeless look that has carried over season to season and will surprisingly work equally well for spring.

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