Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay!

Some new shots of Lindsay Lohan's ad campaign for European fashion label Fornaria have just been released, and let me just say...they're amazewack! She looks just beaut in them. Stunning stunning stunning. Her hair is, as Perez may say, faboosh, and she seems to make the clothes like they belong on the runway, permanently. Here's to Lohan, yet again.


Prada Look Book Fall 2009

The new Prada look book has offcially been released, and let me just say- it's amazing! The photography is beatuiful; abstract stills at their most glamourous. It's a tad edgy, a bit off the wall, and all Prada. Enjoy!
I'm so glad I ordered Prada pants last night!


Quirky Doonan

Simon Doonan has a fantast new interview with WWD, which is posted on their site. I love Simon; his personality, his eccentric way of expressing himself, his work for Barney's, and of course- his style. It's interesting to hear straight from the genius himself, how he has single-handidly created the legendary advertising scheme based on caricature, pop culture mirroring, and side-show antics.



(Big) Lady (not) In Red


This article is funny. My only response- why, or better yet-how- are women over size 18 able to be airline stewardesses? Can they fit in the aisles? I'm just saying.


The September Issue Trailer

Bruno Gaga!

This weekend me and my closest made the pilgrimage to see Sacha Baron Cohen's newest marvel, the aptly titled Bruno. We had been planning the trip for months, so we were on the far end of excited, easy to say. Bruno, a fashion obsessed, overly flamboyant and equally overly dressed gay fashion journalist from Austria, makes his way from the top of the fashion world (in any German country that doesn't speak German, as he himself puts it), to the slums of LA, as he configures new ways to become famous.

The movie itself isn't as good as Borat. The character itself lacks the thing that Borat had- the ability to make his audience route for him and be on his side. Bruno on the other hand, comes off as pompous, arrogant, overly narcissistic and shallow, and socially offensive to say the least. Does the film really do justice for the fashion industry or the gay community? Probably not. He miraculously makes both appear snide and unhealthy, but that could have very well been the point. It paints the picture of homosexuality to be that of sexually corrupt, vulgar-infused and self-loathing. It makes the fashion industry appear to far-from-reality, over the top, and equally self-loathing.

But is the entertainment factor there? Absolutely. The film comes off as more scripted than Borat, and knowing that most of the people in the film know it's Sacha in character, really takes away from the value. It does have its funny moments however. I've never seen ignorance and pure irrationality come off as so glamorous. And to be honest, any movie that displays an air-simulated blow job and rim-fest to a member of Mili Vanili, well, I'm all for it.


I Want These!

Kelly Osbourne's Chanel suspenders are my current love. I need them, I love them, I want them. I've tried eBay, Froogle, and Saks. No one has them. I want them NOW.

Madonna BTS at Vuitton

Straight from Perez-here you go. I posted the backstage scenes from her first shoot, so I thought I would indulge and do so for her second time around...


Made me think what?

I found this article by Louise Wilson of the New York Times, and really enjoyed it. I think she speans the truth, sadly, and brings some interesting concepts to the table. Thoughts??


C’est la fievre de la cabine!

For Dior's 2009 Fall Couture showing, Gaultier pulled out all the stops. I have to say this has been my favorite Dior collection in a good two or three seasons. For Gaultier, this season was all about blending the concrete epicentric standards in which Dior is so known for, with the newer, more modernly risque look of avante garde lingerie. The cross-mixing of the iconic New Look with a La Perla esque touch, came off brilliantly, in what seemed to be an effortless , not to mention seamless undertaking. High waistlines, fantastic solids and belted looks all complimented the newer, more radical color scheme, often which was an array of limes and neons. I absolutely positively loved this showing. It's Dior at it's finest-and its freshest.


Excitement on the Horizon

So. I'm getting some fantastic pieces coming in for myself over the next couple of weeks. Shirts, bags, belts, shoes and more. They're for the Fall semester (at least that's the excuse I'm using), and I can't wait to show them off. I'm gonna post pics when I receive all my stuff from the array of designers, including LV, Fendi and YSL- just to name a few. I took the task of maxing out my credit card just for the occasion- something I've never done before, but will certainly pay it off come July 30th (After all, paying the minimum and leaving a running balance is so un-chic). So, heres to Fall Semester 2009- and the many designer fruits it seems to bear.



Vuitton's Newest Vision

The world of Louis Vuitton is broadening itself from just the realms of Earth. It is now taking on the larger atmosphere as we know it- taking fashion to its furthest depths into the far and wide. Marc Jacobs has released a fantastic video which seamlessly blends high fashion with high ambitions of space travel, interviewing and beautifully capturing some of Aerospace's pioneers. It's worth your while to watch. Just click the link on the title.




Happy Birthday Lohan!

As most know, Lindsay Lohan is my own personal style idol. Like her or not, you can't deny the girl knows how to dress. Boho, chic, glam or hot mess- she pulls them all off flawlessly. The maven turns 23 today, so here's to you Lohan. Get your Parliaments, fur coat and Frye Boots-it's time to celebrate!