C’est la fievre de la cabine!

For Dior's 2009 Fall Couture showing, Gaultier pulled out all the stops. I have to say this has been my favorite Dior collection in a good two or three seasons. For Gaultier, this season was all about blending the concrete epicentric standards in which Dior is so known for, with the newer, more modernly risque look of avante garde lingerie. The cross-mixing of the iconic New Look with a La Perla esque touch, came off brilliantly, in what seemed to be an effortless , not to mention seamless undertaking. High waistlines, fantastic solids and belted looks all complimented the newer, more radical color scheme, often which was an array of limes and neons. I absolutely positively loved this showing. It's Dior at it's finest-and its freshest.

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