Tomorrow night marks our last night on the town before we all head off to college. Look out for us at Scandals circa 11 pm. I'll be in Dolce...

Project Runway to Hell

The overly hyped new season of PR debuted on Lifetime tonight. I'm viewing it right now actually. I figured it would be lame, and I was correct. Somehow, Lifetime has managed to do what it does best. It has taken a show steeped in good taste, great talent and some genuine sincerity in its purpose, and turned it into what should be a fall commercial for Sears.

Is it just me or are the designers a little less than memorable? I found both the personalities of each, as well as their designs, to be stale, dull, and far from being worthy of landing a tv show. There was one dress that I enjoyed. The designer, I can't remember, but as soon as it came out, i said "that's the only good one", and as it turned out, all the judges agreed. The only flame still burning on this show is Tim Gunn's quirky one liners and Michael Kor's gay panache. Heidi should be fired, even though the show is her own production. She's blah, and we all know she doesn't really wear the designer's clothes any other time than when promoting the show. And I also find it pointless to even have this show anymore. None of the past 5 season winners are even remotely relevant in the fashion biz. At all. This show is not really about scouting out tomorrows fashion genius anymore, but instead about clamoring on to as many ratings as possible. Just like any other reality competition these days.

The only highlight from the premiere? Lohan, of course. She came out, got a wild applaud from the contestants (as she should; this will probably be the last time any of them will ever work with her, thank God). She was well poised and better spoken. She knows her shit. She IS fashion. Much more than this low-grade knock-off show of something that used to be much more interesting and relevant. I'm sad to say, I will no longer be watching project runway.

UPDATE: the designer i liked was Christopher. It was just mentioned on the screen.



Thanks be to Jesus

Fashion God/ Devil Anna Wintour is scheduled to make an appearance on David Letterman on August 24th, promoting the new (and amazetastic I'm positive) new Vogue themed documentary, the September Issue. I can't wait. Maybe there will be some eye scratching. But not hers of course; they will be covered in oversized Prada shades. Aaahhh.


CoCo Perez...

Good Lord. Hell must have officially froze over, and Coco Chanel is probably rolling in her grave. Perez Hilton has officially made a fashion website in the same style as his regular blog, perezhilton.com. Ok, I love his regular blog; I read it every day...not even gonna lie. But, with that being said, and I don't care if he is gay, there is NO ONE less qualified to have a fashion blog than Perez Hilton. The poor queen is constantly bashing high end fashion, fashion ad campaigns, and always commenting on the shallowness of the whole deal. So why does he have his own blog all about fashion?? I don't get it. And the name? Cocoperez.com. Ok, please don't refer to a style legend in your blog title. The name Coco should NEVER EVER be that close to the name "perez" in the same sentence. And the welcome video? Its fat ass Perez setting in his closet dancing to Gaga's Fashion. It's revolting. And it's shameful. Uncle Karl would not be pleased.

If this is the new face of fashion, then I'm sure it's time to switch my major.


Oooh Laaa Lohaaan!

My take on Loho's newest cover from Spanish Vogue.

School Shopping is OHficially Done!

I move to school in less than 3 weeks, and I'm proud to say that I'm finally done making purchases for my upcoming Fall wardrobe. Ok, so I'll be honest. I've spent more time thinking about what I will wear to class than what I'll study in class. I guess that's why I'm a fashion major. This summer has been nothing short of an intense shopping boot camp. I've scouted out deals online, found fabulous pieces in stores, and made list after list of this Fall's personal Must-Haves. I'm happy to say I'm finished now, and I'm even happier that I start wearing my new clothes in just 2 and a half weeks. Of my purchases, here's my Final list of newly loved items:


Fendi Logo White/Green/Blue pants
Prada black straight leg jeans
Versace white logo jeans
Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton legging/pants


Tee's by: Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Ann Demulemeester, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Lanvin


Burberry Trench Coat
Givenchy vest
Dior dinner blazer
Misc. Vintage seersucker blazer

Fendi Belt
Dior belt
Versace belt
Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton high tops
Louis Vuitton tennis shoes

Bags and More:

Louis Vuitton cosmetic case
Louis Vuitton Damier tissue box
Louis Vuitton Damier Geant messenger
Balenciaga weekender bag

Plus, some nice button ups from Burberry, Dior , Yves Saint Laurent and Jill Sander

Overall, I'm lookin forward to what will hopefully be a very memorable, and stylish, sophomore year of college.

Stephen Sprouse Overload?

Ok, so I know the Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton collection is several months old by now, I admit I'm still in a buying frenzy for the colorful line of everything from tee's and tunics to beach towels and leggings. As of recently, in preparation for the upcoming school year of course, I've managed to wrangle up 3 pieces from the collection. My first was the zippy wallet in lime green. I paid $150 for it, and considering it retails for well over $600, I figured, what a great deal. My next purchase were the men's high top sneakers, also in the lime green print. Price? Lets not go there; they were a tad bit more than the wallet, I'll just say. And just this evening, I made what I'm sure will be my final purchase from the collection. It's the piece that I first wanted, but couldn't decide whether or not I should buy it. It's the leggings, or as I'm going to call them- the pants. As a man, it takes balls to wear them, but not too much, otherwise they'll show right through the spandex leggings themselves. I purchased these in a simple black and white. I'm going to be wearing skin tight bottoms; the need for a neon draw to my bottom half is practically non-existent. I've had enough of Sprouse now. I don't think I'll go into withdrawals, but I guess we'll see.


Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay!

Some new shots of Lindsay Lohan's ad campaign for European fashion label Fornaria have just been released, and let me just say...they're amazewack! She looks just beaut in them. Stunning stunning stunning. Her hair is, as Perez may say, faboosh, and she seems to make the clothes like they belong on the runway, permanently. Here's to Lohan, yet again.


Prada Look Book Fall 2009

The new Prada look book has offcially been released, and let me just say- it's amazing! The photography is beatuiful; abstract stills at their most glamourous. It's a tad edgy, a bit off the wall, and all Prada. Enjoy!
I'm so glad I ordered Prada pants last night!


Quirky Doonan

Simon Doonan has a fantast new interview with WWD, which is posted on their site. I love Simon; his personality, his eccentric way of expressing himself, his work for Barney's, and of course- his style. It's interesting to hear straight from the genius himself, how he has single-handidly created the legendary advertising scheme based on caricature, pop culture mirroring, and side-show antics.



(Big) Lady (not) In Red


This article is funny. My only response- why, or better yet-how- are women over size 18 able to be airline stewardesses? Can they fit in the aisles? I'm just saying.


The September Issue Trailer

Bruno Gaga!

This weekend me and my closest made the pilgrimage to see Sacha Baron Cohen's newest marvel, the aptly titled Bruno. We had been planning the trip for months, so we were on the far end of excited, easy to say. Bruno, a fashion obsessed, overly flamboyant and equally overly dressed gay fashion journalist from Austria, makes his way from the top of the fashion world (in any German country that doesn't speak German, as he himself puts it), to the slums of LA, as he configures new ways to become famous.

The movie itself isn't as good as Borat. The character itself lacks the thing that Borat had- the ability to make his audience route for him and be on his side. Bruno on the other hand, comes off as pompous, arrogant, overly narcissistic and shallow, and socially offensive to say the least. Does the film really do justice for the fashion industry or the gay community? Probably not. He miraculously makes both appear snide and unhealthy, but that could have very well been the point. It paints the picture of homosexuality to be that of sexually corrupt, vulgar-infused and self-loathing. It makes the fashion industry appear to far-from-reality, over the top, and equally self-loathing.

But is the entertainment factor there? Absolutely. The film comes off as more scripted than Borat, and knowing that most of the people in the film know it's Sacha in character, really takes away from the value. It does have its funny moments however. I've never seen ignorance and pure irrationality come off as so glamorous. And to be honest, any movie that displays an air-simulated blow job and rim-fest to a member of Mili Vanili, well, I'm all for it.


I Want These!

Kelly Osbourne's Chanel suspenders are my current love. I need them, I love them, I want them. I've tried eBay, Froogle, and Saks. No one has them. I want them NOW.

Madonna BTS at Vuitton

Straight from Perez-here you go. I posted the backstage scenes from her first shoot, so I thought I would indulge and do so for her second time around...


Made me think what?

I found this article by Louise Wilson of the New York Times, and really enjoyed it. I think she speans the truth, sadly, and brings some interesting concepts to the table. Thoughts??


C’est la fievre de la cabine!

For Dior's 2009 Fall Couture showing, Gaultier pulled out all the stops. I have to say this has been my favorite Dior collection in a good two or three seasons. For Gaultier, this season was all about blending the concrete epicentric standards in which Dior is so known for, with the newer, more modernly risque look of avante garde lingerie. The cross-mixing of the iconic New Look with a La Perla esque touch, came off brilliantly, in what seemed to be an effortless , not to mention seamless undertaking. High waistlines, fantastic solids and belted looks all complimented the newer, more radical color scheme, often which was an array of limes and neons. I absolutely positively loved this showing. It's Dior at it's finest-and its freshest.


Excitement on the Horizon

So. I'm getting some fantastic pieces coming in for myself over the next couple of weeks. Shirts, bags, belts, shoes and more. They're for the Fall semester (at least that's the excuse I'm using), and I can't wait to show them off. I'm gonna post pics when I receive all my stuff from the array of designers, including LV, Fendi and YSL- just to name a few. I took the task of maxing out my credit card just for the occasion- something I've never done before, but will certainly pay it off come July 30th (After all, paying the minimum and leaving a running balance is so un-chic). So, heres to Fall Semester 2009- and the many designer fruits it seems to bear.



Vuitton's Newest Vision

The world of Louis Vuitton is broadening itself from just the realms of Earth. It is now taking on the larger atmosphere as we know it- taking fashion to its furthest depths into the far and wide. Marc Jacobs has released a fantastic video which seamlessly blends high fashion with high ambitions of space travel, interviewing and beautifully capturing some of Aerospace's pioneers. It's worth your while to watch. Just click the link on the title.




Happy Birthday Lohan!

As most know, Lindsay Lohan is my own personal style idol. Like her or not, you can't deny the girl knows how to dress. Boho, chic, glam or hot mess- she pulls them all off flawlessly. The maven turns 23 today, so here's to you Lohan. Get your Parliaments, fur coat and Frye Boots-it's time to celebrate!


Way Up Top

Yesterday began with a fantastic drive and hike up to Mt. Mitchel, one of our state's greatest features. Decked in our coolest, most hiking appropriate (but not in the eyes of anyone except the fashion conscience), we pioneered to the peak. High fashion, at high altitudes.
*Pants: Vintage, Tee: Jedediah, Vest: Givenchy, Shoes: Chuck Taylor, Accessories: Vintage. Wallet: Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton

Burnsville We Go Hard

We found out the fun way just how interesting animal print mumuus can make any given situation.

Out on the town

The besties and I decided it was high time to take an evening to have some pointless, but ever so fullfilling fun. Aimless driving, chain smoking, and sippin' sweet tea. Summer in the mountains. Does it get any better?

Fashion WTF? Moment

According to PerezHilton.com, Beth Dito is now creating her own fashion line. I couldn't be more repulsed. Nothing says fashion forward like a vulgar, morbidly obese lesbian. If you don't know who she is, google it.

Madge back at Vuitton

I suppose the first run of Madonna's PR stint with Louis Vuitton proved to be quite successful, seeing now that the Queen of Pop is returning to be the face for Louis Vuitton's 2009/2010 collections. I, fortunately, got to see the first round of Madge campaign photos all over billboards in downtown Los Angeles, and it looks as though these are going to be just as enticing. Way to go girl!


Review Time! Lanvin Men Spring 2010 RTW

Ok. Lanvin, as some people know, is one of my absolute top three labels in women's clothing. To me, it just doesn't get much better. So for men's wear, it's no surprise that I felt that love flow equally thru my veins when I seen Alber t Elbaz's new showing. The collection is incredibly street smart; its pieces can be worn during day , yet with the right accessory- in this case, a pocket square or plaid tie, can be ushered into evening with the snap of a button or two. Even though the collection was a bit fem for men's wear, especially the high waisted pleated silk-yes, silk- pants, it still proved to be a fantastical (in the words of Lady Gaga), innovative, loose feeling fashion forward line of apparel. The only big thing I wasn't particularly a fan of was the over usage of silk-drawn sun visors. I didn't like them when Vuitton done them several years back, and I don't like them now. After all, why would anyone want to hide their face when they're wearing such fantastic clothes?


An Ode to Michael Jackson

With the sudden death of the King of Pop, I only found it fitting to pay homage to the great in my own way. Taking style tips from the Gloved One has always been easy, and repetitively done. It's not too hard, or hard to convince people, to want to try and dress like the legendary music man. If your like me, you'll take any opportunity to wear a sequined jacket or skin tight pants paired with black and white oxfords and rhinestone glove. Michael Jackson had the same type of style following that Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were able to garner. With each new self- invention came the always expected sleuth of teenage followers, developing the look to their own style and budget. When the death of Michael was revealed, I couldn't help but to think about the role he has played in the arena of style, which got me to thinking of his newest inspired look- Balmain's critically adored Fall 2009 RTW show. The line featured a plethora of high vaulted shoulders in strong military styles, reminiscent of those Mikey so often wore during the 80's, most notably for videos like Thriller and Billy Jean. So for my own personal tribute, I'm going to make this an opportunity to dress with a little more flash and pizazz. I do in fact want to make Michael proud.


The Gloved One dies at 50

Michael Jackson, 50, has been reported dead of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles. A true pioneer in music and style alike, he managed to reach into the hearts and souls of millions across the globe in a 30 plus year career. Always controversial, yet never rightly so, he will be remembered for what he in fact was- a truly gifted performer like no other before him, during his reign, or after. My thoughts go to his family, friends and three children. No one will ever replace the "King". Rest in Peace Mr. Jackson. You are missed by many.

-Brandon Brewer


WTF Bill O' Reilly?

Ok, when I was flipping thru the channels last night, I had to stop in my tracks when I seen the new Calvin Klein ad being featured on Bill O' Reilly. Apparently he and his team were "concerned" about the imagery, and the fact that it was being plastered across a 20 story building in New York. Call me crazy, but isn't risque fashion ad's an all too common issue to make into a big deal these days? He should see the Dolce and Gabbana ones from 3 seasons ago!



Soo Sorry I haven't made a post in over 2 MONTHS. That's a veeerrry long time, but it's been a busy time for me since I got back from Arizona. But I'm so happy to say that MOS is up and running again, so be ready ready ready for more post from yours truly.



Why I love her

Ok, so I know Lindsay Lohan is a bit of a mess, but c'mom lets be honest-she's a hot mess. She does drugs, plays both teams, wrecks expensive cars, and parties a tad too much. But, what I love about her, is that she knows her place in the world; she knows shes got a reputation, and she runs with it. She has taken her image of a boho drug princess and ran with it. She's molded her image in the likes of past celeb tragedy stories, such as naming her clothing line after Marilyn Monroe's birthday, and having photo sessions emulating the likes of her and many other in the same style. These pics by Hedi Slimane are in the same fashion. The photographer has photographed the likes of Pete Doherty and Cortney Love, both of whom are known for their wild antics and out-there living. The pics is just Lohan further extending the image of a hard partying youth at its finest-captivating on smoking, skinny figures, barely there attire, and that "I haven't slept in a week" look. Yes, lovers- it's photos like these that remind me why I love Lohan so much. Even if she is a drinking, partying, drug addicted Mean Girl.

Bruno Trailer Finally Released

You have to enter your birthday in the boxes on the screen, since its a Mature Audiences Only tailer.


chanel much?

my own drawing in support of my fav designer.


Out n About

Me yesterday, before my venture to the Air Space Museum in Pima, AZ.

Vest/Vintage, Shirt/Oscar de la Renta, Tie/Dior


A Tad Bit Sketchy

Scarves for Spring

If your like me, and you have a personal love for the art of incorporating scarves into your daily outfit, the ushering in of Spring can be that of a sad thing. It usually means a time to pack those cashmere, wool and knit pieces of self-expression into the box that won't be seen for another 5 months, something that I'm far from happy about. But then, I had an epiphany. Why must we limit our love of scarves, and the art there of, to just the months when snow lie on the ground? Who's to say it's wrong to wear the beloved by many a metrosexual garment during the spring and summer seasons? This season I'm going to go against the grain, put on my sheer scarves, and be a rebel with a cause- to promote the notion that it's ok to go with the flow- of the scarf blowing in the wind on a summer day. My only change? Instead of thick knits or cashmere, I'll tr light silks and breezy sheers; something that won't pack in heat, but will pack in some major style points.

Pictured are some my scarves I plan to wear this summer season;

Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.


Purple Haze

The end result of a mad experiment with some dye, scissors and an old t shirt. shaazaaam!


Simpson's Oh-So Classy

The last name Simpson isn't exactly synonymous with the word class. Whether it be Jessica in her cut offs, Ashley with her nose job, or Marge with her bee hive, the last name has proven to be more of a negative than a positive, in both reality and fiction. But, when I saw this spread from a fashion mag from 2008, it made me breathe a sigh of hope. The knock-off Vogue-esque layout was a spoof done by the Simpsons artists, and for a spilt second, made me a fan.

L/V Lovin'

Spread from the February issue of Harpers. Ok, I know it's last month's issue, but oh well. A pretty spread is a pretty spread after all.

Brit for Candies

Miss Spears is apparently going to be the new spokesperson/media whore for Candies. I'm NOT happy about this. She's joining the ranks of the B-list wannabees, like Hayden Panetierre, or however you say it, and I think she's SO better than that. But oh well. Cheap shoe company endorsements is better than rehab and drug addiction. I guess.


Lohan's New Acting Gig

Lohan showcasing her fabulous acting skills for a new fashion commercial.

Que the music..

"Crap. Dull. Dead End. Fornarnia."

Hounds Tooth Heaven

Plaid be gone, darn it. Not just yet, but mark my words, the now liberally used pattern with be a thing of the past this upcoming Fall. So, what will feel the deep, dark lonely void in which the macho pattern will leave behind? My guess will be something equally as fun, interesting and diverse in it's possibilities; my guess will be hounds tooth. It's been a few seasons since the pattern has made a steady comeback into high and mainstream fashion, so I think it's due time for it to return to the spotlight. The iconic pattern was showcased heavily in Alexander McQueen's genius collection for Fall 2009, giving me the impression that designers may now be ready to resurrect the classic look. He showcased it on fabulous skirt suits, which I think we'll see prominently, but it will also show up on everything from trousers, scarves, and of course- over coats. And don't for one second think the color palette will be limited to just black and white. We'll see the same thing that happened with plaid- every color under the sun will be showcased, from bright yellows to burnt oranges, all of course accompanied by black or navy. I've already went out and purchased my Hounds tooth for the season- a Ralph Lauren white and navy blazer. What will your purchase be?

Chanel No. 5 Ad from '70's


The Art of the Nerd

When did the lifestyle of the legendary nerd become that of the aspiration of many a fashionable folk? Bow ties and suspenders, argyle prints and paisley button downs. The once made fun of, often looked down upon icon has now become a well respected, and at this point, fully ironed out focal point of style. So what caused the shift? How did the kid we once made fun of in high school gyms and hallways become the ideal image for so many of the fashionably elite? Yes, designers such as Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana have created collections many times over, that make both men and women alike want to appear like the kids they once beat up or tortured. Nerd Chic is not new, but it's not stale; it's the 21st centuries interpretation of style and class; creating ideals of what one must wear to fully achieve modern sophistication, and instilling an all-inclusive philosophy that the boundaries in which we can take the look, are close to limitless. The art of nerd, is the art of perfection. For when one chooses to deem their style in a sense of pure nerdyness, they are imposing upon themselves all of the classical ideals in which the group is most known for- intelligence, impeccable detail, sophistication and well put-togetherness. The ideals that this group have worked so hard, yet so un-tiresome and effortlessly, to pass on from generation to the next, shine through like beacons of light in well made, well tailored looks. Nothing says class and knowledge like a bow tie, suspenders and a button down cardigan; now, always and forever.

Chanel No. 5 Commercial Pt. 2

Nic so Chic

Nicole Richie in the new issue of Black Book. Fabulous. It is a quick reminder of why she is a fashion icon. And it's nice to see her in a photo for the first time in a long time that didn't involve a baby. Or a Madden twin.


Trend Alert: Layered Leggings

  • Top/Chanel
  • Bottom/Vivienne Westwood

Long gone are the days where a simple pair of solid colored leggings garnered you with some major style points. That notoriety went out the door as soon as Wal-Mart began making Hannah Montana tights. Now, the anty has officially been up'd. What's going to be next in the world of the fun leg accessory? Layering of course. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Chanel and Alexander McQueen took a cue from Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 show and decided that the notion of layering anything and everything seemed like an appealing idea. So, this fall, how will you layer a legging? Well, with socks or leg warmers of course. Scrunch, cut, pull and tuck 'til your leg looks like a million bucks. You can still include your beloved American Apparel neon tights (because nobody should have to give those up), only this autumn, add a wool sock or scrunched knee high to the mix, creating a more in depth look. Oh, and it creates more warmth, which I'm pretty sure was the original reason for leggings in the first place. Score!

Plaid for Spring

The notion of plaid baring became the ideal way make a statement yet play it safe last fall. I knew it would be a huge trend for the season early on, so when I went out in early spring of 2008 and bought that big red plaid overcoat, I did it with confidence that it would surely be worn a time or two, despite what my friends thought. Now, the season has changed and so have some of the trends. The philosophy of something like plaid however, is a bit different; when a trend comes along that is so vastly popular in all markets (ie luxury and mass markets apparel), it is rare that we see it disappear before our very eyes in one mere season. Instead, it becomes the trickle down effect, in which it takes it another season or two to fully wear out. That being said, look for plaid to still be around this season (if you've not already seen it in store windows etc). Instead of dark hues such as browns, greys, blacks or deep reds, the bold yet conservative pattern will be in shades that look more like a box of freshly opened Jelly Bellies. Think limes, turquoises, orange and yellows. My friend Amber shown a fab example of this at a Ting Tings concert. She's wearing an American Eagle button down, proving that you can do style on a colleges kid's budget.


Chanel No.5 Commercial

Chanel will be unveiling its newest No. 5 commercial shortly, so I thought until we see the new one, I would post some older ones from past times. There basically miniature films all their own-a work of art inspired by fashion, used by the medium of media. I love them.


Valentino On The View

A very over-tanned Valentino appeared on the View yesterday, making for some great to watch tv. Not only was Barbara wearing a red Valentino skirt suit that made her look better than I've seen her in a long time, but the designer himself came off as very appealing-and catty! He scoffed and and was obviously offended when the gals asked him if he would like to see his brand go to a more mass-marketed retailer, like...gasp..Wal-Mart. Oh, the shame! And the highlight- when Valentino made his first sentence by saying "You women tale too long to say too little". Fabulous. Oh, the bravery!


out n about today...

t/Hanes Perfect T; button up/Jill Sander; Jeans/ True Religion; Belt/Louis Vuitton;Shoes/Bally; Tie/Yves Saint Laurent