Project Runway to Hell

The overly hyped new season of PR debuted on Lifetime tonight. I'm viewing it right now actually. I figured it would be lame, and I was correct. Somehow, Lifetime has managed to do what it does best. It has taken a show steeped in good taste, great talent and some genuine sincerity in its purpose, and turned it into what should be a fall commercial for Sears.

Is it just me or are the designers a little less than memorable? I found both the personalities of each, as well as their designs, to be stale, dull, and far from being worthy of landing a tv show. There was one dress that I enjoyed. The designer, I can't remember, but as soon as it came out, i said "that's the only good one", and as it turned out, all the judges agreed. The only flame still burning on this show is Tim Gunn's quirky one liners and Michael Kor's gay panache. Heidi should be fired, even though the show is her own production. She's blah, and we all know she doesn't really wear the designer's clothes any other time than when promoting the show. And I also find it pointless to even have this show anymore. None of the past 5 season winners are even remotely relevant in the fashion biz. At all. This show is not really about scouting out tomorrows fashion genius anymore, but instead about clamoring on to as many ratings as possible. Just like any other reality competition these days.

The only highlight from the premiere? Lohan, of course. She came out, got a wild applaud from the contestants (as she should; this will probably be the last time any of them will ever work with her, thank God). She was well poised and better spoken. She knows her shit. She IS fashion. Much more than this low-grade knock-off show of something that used to be much more interesting and relevant. I'm sad to say, I will no longer be watching project runway.

UPDATE: the designer i liked was Christopher. It was just mentioned on the screen.


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