Stephen Sprouse Overload?

Ok, so I know the Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton collection is several months old by now, I admit I'm still in a buying frenzy for the colorful line of everything from tee's and tunics to beach towels and leggings. As of recently, in preparation for the upcoming school year of course, I've managed to wrangle up 3 pieces from the collection. My first was the zippy wallet in lime green. I paid $150 for it, and considering it retails for well over $600, I figured, what a great deal. My next purchase were the men's high top sneakers, also in the lime green print. Price? Lets not go there; they were a tad bit more than the wallet, I'll just say. And just this evening, I made what I'm sure will be my final purchase from the collection. It's the piece that I first wanted, but couldn't decide whether or not I should buy it. It's the leggings, or as I'm going to call them- the pants. As a man, it takes balls to wear them, but not too much, otherwise they'll show right through the spandex leggings themselves. I purchased these in a simple black and white. I'm going to be wearing skin tight bottoms; the need for a neon draw to my bottom half is practically non-existent. I've had enough of Sprouse now. I don't think I'll go into withdrawals, but I guess we'll see.

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