CoCo Perez...

Good Lord. Hell must have officially froze over, and Coco Chanel is probably rolling in her grave. Perez Hilton has officially made a fashion website in the same style as his regular blog, perezhilton.com. Ok, I love his regular blog; I read it every day...not even gonna lie. But, with that being said, and I don't care if he is gay, there is NO ONE less qualified to have a fashion blog than Perez Hilton. The poor queen is constantly bashing high end fashion, fashion ad campaigns, and always commenting on the shallowness of the whole deal. So why does he have his own blog all about fashion?? I don't get it. And the name? Cocoperez.com. Ok, please don't refer to a style legend in your blog title. The name Coco should NEVER EVER be that close to the name "perez" in the same sentence. And the welcome video? Its fat ass Perez setting in his closet dancing to Gaga's Fashion. It's revolting. And it's shameful. Uncle Karl would not be pleased.

If this is the new face of fashion, then I'm sure it's time to switch my major.

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