An Ode to Michael Jackson

With the sudden death of the King of Pop, I only found it fitting to pay homage to the great in my own way. Taking style tips from the Gloved One has always been easy, and repetitively done. It's not too hard, or hard to convince people, to want to try and dress like the legendary music man. If your like me, you'll take any opportunity to wear a sequined jacket or skin tight pants paired with black and white oxfords and rhinestone glove. Michael Jackson had the same type of style following that Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were able to garner. With each new self- invention came the always expected sleuth of teenage followers, developing the look to their own style and budget. When the death of Michael was revealed, I couldn't help but to think about the role he has played in the arena of style, which got me to thinking of his newest inspired look- Balmain's critically adored Fall 2009 RTW show. The line featured a plethora of high vaulted shoulders in strong military styles, reminiscent of those Mikey so often wore during the 80's, most notably for videos like Thriller and Billy Jean. So for my own personal tribute, I'm going to make this an opportunity to dress with a little more flash and pizazz. I do in fact want to make Michael proud.

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