Plaid for Spring

The notion of plaid baring became the ideal way make a statement yet play it safe last fall. I knew it would be a huge trend for the season early on, so when I went out in early spring of 2008 and bought that big red plaid overcoat, I did it with confidence that it would surely be worn a time or two, despite what my friends thought. Now, the season has changed and so have some of the trends. The philosophy of something like plaid however, is a bit different; when a trend comes along that is so vastly popular in all markets (ie luxury and mass markets apparel), it is rare that we see it disappear before our very eyes in one mere season. Instead, it becomes the trickle down effect, in which it takes it another season or two to fully wear out. That being said, look for plaid to still be around this season (if you've not already seen it in store windows etc). Instead of dark hues such as browns, greys, blacks or deep reds, the bold yet conservative pattern will be in shades that look more like a box of freshly opened Jelly Bellies. Think limes, turquoises, orange and yellows. My friend Amber shown a fab example of this at a Ting Tings concert. She's wearing an American Eagle button down, proving that you can do style on a colleges kid's budget.

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