All About Miu Miu

Miuccia Prada's show from 2 days ago kind of confused me a little. I usually tend to love Miu Miu, but this collection was a little not like the label to me. The collections are usually a little more youthful, whimsical and light; this time around I witnessed a plethora of heavy coats (although in an interesting, but not groundbreaking format), simple shoes and skirts, and some odd wrap around scarf thing embellished with some type of hair-which I found to be a little out of place. My fav part of the show was toward the end, where things got a little back to what is typically done at the house- light dresses and skirts in urban prints, paired with shimmer and glimmer of the embellished leggings and tunic tops. Their was a strong sense of sexuality in the show-many of the outfits featured uber low cut tops, exposing a simple cut bra. And the pallet was a little drab for me- a deep brown was about as exciting as it got.

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