D&G For Me!

Can I just say I LOVE D&G's new collection? LOVE in all caps is not something I often dish out; it's a territory I usually reserve for Jacobs and Lagerfeld, with the occasional Galliano allowance. After all, this is a recession, and going easy on the "LOVE's" is my way of being fiscal. I LOVE the rich color palette of the pieces, the lush fabrics, and the prints that are an ode to the Victorian era. The silhouettes are dispersed, going from sleek hot pants to vaulted structured skirts. Like most other designers, the clothes are generally less fitted, and appear to be a tad looser than previously before. To me the collection is French fashion at its finest- rich in detail, exorbitant in quality, and light years ahead in innovation, all while telling a story; the story here is that of 12 different operas, and the heroes that came with each. My only complaint is that in some spots (and I say this with LOVE), things tended to veer away from what I though was "pretty". There were dresses that I could have sworn were made from a curtain or duvet, and belts that resembled curtain pulls. And the jeans? I think the D&G boys got a little gung-ho with the bedazzler. But other than that, this is a collection worth spelling out in all caps.
*PS- If I were a woman, I would sell my mode of transportation to own the outfit pictured. That's all I'm saying.

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