Milan Review: Fendi RTW Fall 2009

Lagerfeld's collection for Fendi's fall lineup wasn't as fun and whimsical to me as his last Autumns showing-the memorable one held on the Great Wall of China. This collection was less about "less is more" and was more about a hodge-podge of layering, textiles, and the contributions that the playfulness of each brings to the outfit. It was a collection steeped in the past-this time Lagerfeld cited warriors from ancient times as his main inspiration. The women were meant to look fierce and powerful, yet remain to withhold a sense of grace and femininity- and they did. My only fluster was the overly shown tan suede leather coats accentuated by fur that was shown too repetitively. I just have a scorching mark burnt into my retinas of this tacky textile that is all too often used at Wal-Mart and the like for winter coats each season, so to see it so prominent in one of the most luxurious houses in the world perturbs me. Not so much because of the bad taste that lesser outlets such as Wal -Mart has left in my mouth, but because they have done just so; they have managed to be relevant enough, whether I choose for them to be or not, that it so greatly influences my opinion of actual brain penetrating worthy clothing. For me to get ill because Lagerfeld used a fabric that I significantly relate to...Wal- Mart, of all places? There is no justice in this. After all, who is to tell Lagerfeld what he can and can't do with anything that he just so pleases? But the leather detached leggings that extend neither toward the thigh or the foot? Loves them.

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