Givenchy Fall RTW 2009

It was all about contrast and assymetry here. To the point in fact, that to me the looks became over done and costumey, for the most part. I can easily say that there was nothing here that really tickled my fancy, and in the best of parts, seemed just mediocre. There was an overly excessive amount of fur and some God-awful human hair looking thing, which in result looked less style and more horror. There was one jacket and one pair of pants that I can in fact say I enjoyed, but other than that, it all seemed over thought and overdone, and had a sense of pretentiousness that I don't like to see in collections. It was extreme for the point of being extreme, just as kids in high school wear all black and studs just so they can be different. Well, different isn't always good. And the dresses? I'm all for some asymmetrical ingenuity, but on these pieces it just didn't work. Rule of thumb: 2 sleeves or none. There really should be no grey area, unless you can righteously pull it off.

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