Prada Fall 2009

What happens when a woman from the city dares to venture into the realm of the forest to fend for herself in a world unknown? Why, she covers herself in Prada of course; at least she will this upcoming season. Miuccia Prada unveiled a collection of epic proportions, in a very literal sense. The show was filled with heavy fabrics-most notably wool, that showed up on everything to overcoats and cocktail dresses to hot pants. Yes, hot pants. Wool was the fabric of choice, and brown was its color mate. Any show that makes fishing waders and garden wellies a highlight is a star in my book, and paired with a shift dress with beautiful hemming and clean cuts-even better. The collection told the story of what happens when the inner Nature Girl comes out from within, and decides to get a new wardrobe. The clothes were powerful and demanding, yet still withheld their femininity by intriguing and sensual cuts and belting (which was highlighted on almost every look). My favs from the show? The constant pairing of brown belts with black ensembles, and the wool lined wellies that stole the spotlight.

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