Louis Vuitton RTW Fall 2009

I can easily say I prefer the bottom halves of the models as opposed to top half. Marc Jacob's new showing presented a sleuth of fantastic skirts and some great party dresses, and I absolutely loved the darling shoes accented with heeled ribbons. Thigh-high boots also found their way onto the floor, as they have with many other designers this week. The collection was an exploration of the sensual feminine side of a woman, complete with frilly lace, sheer and big bows (like Dior has now made so popular). As the collection progressed, the pieces became more constructed and at times geometric, although not as much as Vuitton's last collection. I seen aspects of Prada and Balenciaga in the show, which I found refreshing. I didn't like the show as much as last Fall's, but it was still a damn good exhibition of what Jacob's can do. The coats and top halves at times seemed to be too much, overpowering the female form, which I never really think is that good of a thing. And those bunny ears? Well, I'm still trying to figure that out. A symbol that the women wearing the clothes are so mobile that they hop from one scene to another in the blink of an eye, or that they are so sensual and full of sexual rage that they are like the fierce rabbit in their mating rituals? In either sense, the rabbit has never been a cuter accessory. So as always, the good ol' LV never really lets me down.

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