Gareth Pugh Fall RTW

I have yet to see a more "innovative" or "high fashion" collection of clothes in a very long time. Being innovative or high fashion can be a good thing, unless the clothes themselves look like a caricature of high fashion- nothing short of a "know-nothings attempt at sketching out what they believe to be excessive, pretentious, pointless fashion". To me that's what Gareth Pugh did for his 2009 RTW show, which was only shown on a video screen. His clothes were bold, but not in the sense of appealing. The lines were stark, but the design ingenuity got lost in the piles of black that he splashed all over every piece. By the end of the show, the clothes were nothing but unwearable, space odyssey costume pieces that could only be worn on the Enterprise or at a KISS concert. Some pieces looked like a box strapped to the head, while others mirrored being zipped in a sleeping bad. The story these clothes tell may be interesting, but the clothes themselves, are just silly.

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