Balenciaga Fall RTW

Paris Fashion Week has officially begun! And I'll start off with one of my fav designers-right behind Dior and Lanvin-Balenciaga. This was a starkly different collection from anything Nicolas Ghesquière has shown in the past recent seasons. As he put it, "High tech is over", which I found hard to believe, seeing how the fashion of high-tech has become synonymous with the designer. This show was a relaxed, more laid back look. Yes, the shoulders are still raised a bit, but no longer are the suits and skirt suits that resemble costumes from the Terminator (bit I was a fan off these). The hard-edged look that Ghesquière has worked so hard to be known for, has now been replaced with soft silhouettes with a looser fit, led by a plethora of beautifully draped silk pieces, most notably the skirts-which I'm sure will be a BIG hit. The color pallets went from icy metallic hues to bold yet soft colors in structured, sophisticated very "French" patterns. The less pretentious and less innovative look is welcome with open arms in my book. And the shoes- I'm a fan too. Not a bad start for Paris after all.

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