Vogue Vogue Vogue...

Real women have curves? Yes they do, but skinny women are real women too. That's besides the point. Vogue printing a cover with that line? Thats hilarious. Oh, Miss Winttour- I do believe that goes against everything you've ever published in your magazine. Now you have both single handidly alienated part of your most loyal fan base, as well as make your magazine look like a complete hypocrite; especially when next month's issue arrives on my door step with some other Size 0 like every other issue. Bubble skirts and khaki belted overcoats may soon be all the rage, but making short term stances to sell copies of a magazine on such serious issues will never catch on.
* On a positive note- props to the mag for putting two African American women on the cover back to back. I'm not sure that that's ever been done before.

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