The Hook That Caught




1/2: Nina Ricci
3/4: Louis Vuitton
5: Lie Sang Bong
6: Alexander McQueen
I couldn't help but notice, as I reviewed show after show from Paris Fashion Week, one trend that was burnt into my retina more so than almost any other. I, at first, thought that I was just making something out of nothing, but now that I look back, it seems that that nothing, may be something indeed. There was an odd, almost eerie use of something that most of us would consider to be a little less than fashionable- Hooker Boots. Yes, the comically genius phrase that most people use to describe shoes that look like they more so belong beside a pole than on a runway. But I digress; I could be wrong-maybe show girls and hookers didn't play a role in influencing the Parisian folk, but they sure could have fooled me. Louis Vuitton (whose entire collection was based on sex appeal), Nina Ricci and Alexander McQueen were the standouts, all who created more than one or two variations each on the good ol' hooker shoe. You be the judge.

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