The Biggest Star in Fashion

Ok, now that Fashion Week is officially over, I can stop doing reviews and get back to regular opinions, posts and bs articles...YAY! My first tangent...well, it actually does involve Fashion Week-but not the clothes. The topic is about fat girls and fashion. I'm NOT dissin' the ladies with the bee-hinds; they are in fact beautiful, because I don't think that the size of ones dress necessarily determines the quality of their beauty. My issue is about hypocrisy. Beth Ditto, singer for the band the Gossip, was at over 20 shows in Paris last week, and performed with her band at the Fendi after party,quickly becoming the star of each event and a favorite from designers and fashionistas alike. This is totally cool, except for when you see Beth. You see, she's a little on the plus size (which once again is totally awesome). What ticks me to no end however, is how designers clobbered to her. Karl Lagerfeld even went to the extent of saying "she is the epitome of beauty." Ok, Mr. Chanel, if Miss Size 24 is the epitome of beauty, why the hell haven't you ever had a gal of her measurements walk down your runway? Even Ditto herself seemed a little shocked and puzzled by the new fashion acclaim, saying

“You came to Paris looking for the chic and the beautiful and I think we’v managed to supply the opposite.”
See, it's just odd. Did all those years of getting harsh demands about weight issues from the press and every day folk finally get thru to the highest of high end designers? I'd still say no, considering there were nothing but twigs down the runway (which is fine by me-I've long been an advocate for rail thin models). If the fashion world is embracing this new body type with open arms, fabulous. I'm just questioning their motives and wondering why now. It seems odd to me- fat girl good enough to stand in front of a crowd and entertain, but not good enough to be in a show to display clothes. Maybe she'll get thru to some folks. Now there's some gossip.

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