Chanel RTW Fall 2009

Hello, Lover. That's the best way to introduce Lagerfeld's latest masterpiece for the House of Chanel. LOVE in all caps, as always. At this point, I'm wondering if my deep love and devotion to the idea of Chanel, and the clothes that it always produces, has made me somewhat biased to the brand-never even looking at the clothes with a critical eye. It is true, I love Chanel the way a mother loves her memories of her child when it was once a new born; I cherish every moment of what I can savor, trying to protect the legacy and the devotion of both the object itself, and the compassion and respect that I have for the spirit that it brings with it. I have a true love affair with the brand, the history, the woman who made the dream a reality, and of course, the output that comes forth every season from its current creative genius. This collection amazed me just the same as others past, only in a different sense of course. The clothes were bold, beautiful, and extremely glamorous, in an un-flaunting, conservative way. The classic suit embedded with glimmering threads woven in, the gorgeous jewels of the collection, both literally and figuratively-the greens and turquoises and pinks that went from being a bold accessory at first, to becoming the outfit itself by way of slow progression. Embellished sleeves and thick leggings all lent to the idea of luxe comfort at its finest. And those Picasso resembled body suits with the fabulous artwork detail drawn all over-pure and utter brilliance. Chanel my dear, you are my icon.

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