Trend Alert: Layered Leggings

  • Top/Chanel
  • Bottom/Vivienne Westwood

Long gone are the days where a simple pair of solid colored leggings garnered you with some major style points. That notoriety went out the door as soon as Wal-Mart began making Hannah Montana tights. Now, the anty has officially been up'd. What's going to be next in the world of the fun leg accessory? Layering of course. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Chanel and Alexander McQueen took a cue from Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 show and decided that the notion of layering anything and everything seemed like an appealing idea. So, this fall, how will you layer a legging? Well, with socks or leg warmers of course. Scrunch, cut, pull and tuck 'til your leg looks like a million bucks. You can still include your beloved American Apparel neon tights (because nobody should have to give those up), only this autumn, add a wool sock or scrunched knee high to the mix, creating a more in depth look. Oh, and it creates more warmth, which I'm pretty sure was the original reason for leggings in the first place. Score!


  1. I do love wearing my knee socks over my tights in winter--just another way to avoid pants. :)

  2. ooh thank you so much for posting those photos they are totally inspiring me :)