Warhol Gets Re-vamped at Blumarine

I never thought it possible to find something that could make me fall in love with the work of Andy Warol anymore than I already have. I have his posters plastered all around my room, and I follow his quotes like a priest follows the word of God. But this week, I was happily surprised to find yet another outlet that appealed to my Warholian fetish-and even more happy to see that that outlet was fashion. Blumarine showed a collection that was so obviously inspired by the works of the artist, that the paintings seemed to come alive as they paraded down the runway in the form of shift dresses, military jackets, gloves, purses and pencil pants. The collection wasn't just a tip of the hat to Andy, but was also a testament to the label itself. This is the definition, my friend, of wearable art.

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