Scarves for Spring

If your like me, and you have a personal love for the art of incorporating scarves into your daily outfit, the ushering in of Spring can be that of a sad thing. It usually means a time to pack those cashmere, wool and knit pieces of self-expression into the box that won't be seen for another 5 months, something that I'm far from happy about. But then, I had an epiphany. Why must we limit our love of scarves, and the art there of, to just the months when snow lie on the ground? Who's to say it's wrong to wear the beloved by many a metrosexual garment during the spring and summer seasons? This season I'm going to go against the grain, put on my sheer scarves, and be a rebel with a cause- to promote the notion that it's ok to go with the flow- of the scarf blowing in the wind on a summer day. My only change? Instead of thick knits or cashmere, I'll tr light silks and breezy sheers; something that won't pack in heat, but will pack in some major style points.

Pictured are some my scarves I plan to wear this summer season;

Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

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