Hounds Tooth Heaven

Plaid be gone, darn it. Not just yet, but mark my words, the now liberally used pattern with be a thing of the past this upcoming Fall. So, what will feel the deep, dark lonely void in which the macho pattern will leave behind? My guess will be something equally as fun, interesting and diverse in it's possibilities; my guess will be hounds tooth. It's been a few seasons since the pattern has made a steady comeback into high and mainstream fashion, so I think it's due time for it to return to the spotlight. The iconic pattern was showcased heavily in Alexander McQueen's genius collection for Fall 2009, giving me the impression that designers may now be ready to resurrect the classic look. He showcased it on fabulous skirt suits, which I think we'll see prominently, but it will also show up on everything from trousers, scarves, and of course- over coats. And don't for one second think the color palette will be limited to just black and white. We'll see the same thing that happened with plaid- every color under the sun will be showcased, from bright yellows to burnt oranges, all of course accompanied by black or navy. I've already went out and purchased my Hounds tooth for the season- a Ralph Lauren white and navy blazer. What will your purchase be?

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