Men's RTW 2009 / Dolce and Gabbana

I LOVED Dolce's new men's line. It had basically everything I look for in men's wear. Like I said earlier, I tend to be more picky in what I like in men's wear, because I always inject my own style perception into my judgement. But I really must say this was a fabulous showing. My fav things from the show?

  • Belted coats and tees. You know I'm a fan of show that encourages this usually feminine trait.

  • Croc bags and coats. Fabulous duffel's and overcoats in rich black croc were shown-displaying extreme taste and elegance.

  • Suspenders. While this is not really an abstract piece, it usually doesn't show up as much as I would like.

  • Slim fits in simple cuts. No pretentious overly ambitious odd tailoring or details-just simple, chic, not to mention oh so slim silhouettes that are perfect for men folk like me.

Pink Suits. Why not? This needs no explanation.

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