The Art of the Nerd

When did the lifestyle of the legendary nerd become that of the aspiration of many a fashionable folk? Bow ties and suspenders, argyle prints and paisley button downs. The once made fun of, often looked down upon icon has now become a well respected, and at this point, fully ironed out focal point of style. So what caused the shift? How did the kid we once made fun of in high school gyms and hallways become the ideal image for so many of the fashionably elite? Yes, designers such as Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana have created collections many times over, that make both men and women alike want to appear like the kids they once beat up or tortured. Nerd Chic is not new, but it's not stale; it's the 21st centuries interpretation of style and class; creating ideals of what one must wear to fully achieve modern sophistication, and instilling an all-inclusive philosophy that the boundaries in which we can take the look, are close to limitless. The art of nerd, is the art of perfection. For when one chooses to deem their style in a sense of pure nerdyness, they are imposing upon themselves all of the classical ideals in which the group is most known for- intelligence, impeccable detail, sophistication and well put-togetherness. The ideals that this group have worked so hard, yet so un-tiresome and effortlessly, to pass on from generation to the next, shine through like beacons of light in well made, well tailored looks. Nothing says class and knowledge like a bow tie, suspenders and a button down cardigan; now, always and forever.

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  1. i love the nerd look and i'm so glad that because of designers like marc jacobs, people have realized the style as representing people who are smart and successful. i like how fashion can change people's views and outlooks.