Good things at Goodwill

I was in one of the many many Tucson Goodwills two days ago, and while snooping out the men's shoes I spotted 2 things that tickled my fancy-; well, sort of. The first was a pair of men's Christian Dior shoes for $19.99. I liked the shoe, which had an obvious vintage appeal. The problem- 2 sizes too big. No amount of tissue in the toe is going to solve that problem.

The next item was yet another pair of shoes- 4 pairs down to be exact. The label, Coach. The positive was that they looked brand new, and that they were my size. The negative? They looked like something that came across with the pilgrims on the Santa Maria. They were overly clunky leather masses that would have sank my foot down quicker than the Titanic. And even at only $9.99, that my dear, was no ship I wanted to sail in.

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