Gimme Gimme More. Dior, that is.

Another day, another thrift store find. Me and my pal Amber were once again browsing the same racks that blessed me with the 3 Lacoste sweaters, Yves Saint Laurent button down and a Dior tie, when all of a sudden- I seen it. We were on a shopping trip for her, technically. I was trying to both find her something she would love, as well as make her relay see that vintage shops can in fact be quite fun. But there it was- I seen its logo glaring at me like the hot summer sun. A charcoal black wool Dior sweater just waiting to be plucked from the rack. Oh My God! I yelled with excitement. Here you go! God knows I wanted to keep the thing for myself, but I decided to be the better person here and give it to her (not to mention the fact that I already have the same exact one in turquoise). That was a difficult decision, but I'm glad I did it. To see a gals face when she gets genuine Dior for a $2.00 price tag is nothing short of spectacular.

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