Vintage in Tucson

On my first official outing in Tucson, there were a few spots I had to check out. The city surprisingly showcases a plethora of high and low shops, including Coach, Louis Vuitton, Saks, Bebe, Williams-Sonoma and Tiffany & Co. But on my first day out, being a virgin to the local and all, I wanted to check out some off the more low-end spots. I ventured to the University section of the city, also known as the "Yuppie" hangout. Vintage shops, smoke shops and Starbucks lining every corner all made up the scene. One brightly painted building after the other, with the addition of harmonica music in the background and one Beetle Van after the other, all lent to the feel of Haight-Ashbury circa '66. It was truly an amazing place, and the shopping was equally as appealing. I picked up a couple of Robert P. Miller tanks (to go over other vintage tees) at Urban Outfitters, and spotted some killer tees and socks at American Apparel. It was the vintage shops however that truly delivered. I quickly snatched up a May Clothing Co. skinny tie at one shop, and at the next I wrangled up a Burberry top, a short sleeve Dior top in coral, and a perfectly divine Dior sweater with the logo stitched onto the chest. The shopping in Tucson thankfully appears to be as bright and colorful as the buildings lining its streets. This is sure to be a great 2 months.

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