Total She-Male

One of the longest running trends in women's wear has been to take men's clothing and make it your own. This of course was pioneered by Yves Saint Laurent in the late 60's with the launch of the first ever designer women's 3-piece suit, a la Le Smoking. This tend continues from season to season in some way shape or form, and I decided to take the task of creating a women's look from a man's wardrobe-specifically mine. My idea was to inject my own clothes into an ensemble that could be worn on a female, while keeping a current trend on the front burner. I decided to go with neon brights- something that is vastly popular and widely seen this spring for youthful young women. I peered into my closet and took some mental notes on what I though would look good (not to mention appropriately wearable) on my model/victim/friend, Shana. What the result was was a look of modern ultra cool, and gave Shana a huge sense of confidence. We were both surprised at not only how well she looked in the pre-chosen outfit, but also by how good she felt in it. It's safe to say I pushed her boundaries and went past where she would have ever taken her own clothes before. This is all ironic of course, because it's the clothes of a man.

On Shana:

Pale blue Men's button-up: Christian Dior

Neon Turquoise Men's wool-blend sweater (worn as dress): Christian Dior

Belt: Louis Vuitton

Men's Sport Jacket: Lacoste

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