A Little Mens Wear Briefing

I don't generally comment on menswear collections, but I feel like I'm cutting myself short, seeing how I am indeed a gentlemen myself. I was inspired to do my first men's wear writing after seeing a collection from a fall RTW line by a designer that I admittedly have never heard of- Antonio Azzuolo. That's the fun thing about fashion- you never really know when something new is going to make its way to you, and you then make a real connection with a designer and it's pieces. This is the case with Antonio. I absolutely love his new collection. I think it would rival anything John Galliano has done for Dior in recent years, in it's own special American way. The line itself is a combination of military themed pieces (think Russian Army coats) and "Old New York hipster goes to the races". The collection is filled with a wide array of pieces, from skinny pants to wonderful leather riding boots paired with bright cardigans , blazers, and dinner vest in absolutely and whimsically themed patterns. The most captivating look however was the high- cinched waist he created by belting outside the coats and vests. I have honestly never seen this done by a men's wear line, but have secretly wanted to try it myself for some time now, only fearing the look was a bit too feminine for a man to pull off. I now however have seen the light, and the way in which it could be done. Just another day of self discovery thru the art of clothes.

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