All Tied Up

Fashion and style should be about change, about fun, about creating the unexpected from the most common of things. In this day and time that's not always easy to do, seeing how everything has already been done at some point or another. Lets face it- originality is no longer easy to obtain. But, what we can do is mix things up, and pull past tricks off the back burner to breathe some new air into them to give them a fresh and modern look. One of the things people can do has to do with men's wear. Sure, vests, trenches and suits are all staples in women's wardrobes at some point or another, but one item that is often forgot about, is the tie. Have fun with the tie this spring! And I don't really mean the same way you did back in middle school by pairing it with a black t-shirt and converse and calling yourself a punk. I mean, get classy with your bad self! Use a tie with a bold print or pattern as an accessory- as a belt or hair band. It's not hard, and it gives an interesting shift to the outfit. Since it is spring however, I would advise using light color palettes mixed with florals or whimsical patterns. Shown are some of the ties from my personal collection, including Dior, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein Collection and Armani.

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