Get Ready For Spring! According to Marc Jacobs

When Marc Jacobs unveiled his latest collection at New York Fashion Week in September, he done what he always does- magically shock people with his genius eye for design and ingenuity. His Spring 2009 RTW (Ready to Wear) collection will be hitting stores within a couple of months, and with a collection as entising as this, you can bet that the trends on his runway will be sure to drizzle into the reality of fashion consumers and lesser retailers alike. His collection was bar-none of the best the fashion world had to offer this past season, and to see it go from runway to racks within short time is nothing short of infinitely pulsating. So, what is to expect to come? Judging from his RTW 2009 collection, we're in for yet another season where pattern and textile design is at the pinnacle of what will define class, style, and above all, trend. His show gave us the ideal form of layering and print mixing-something Jacobs has long been known for. Plaids, shimmering metallic prints, and bold and beautiful applique are just a few of the textiles he has chose to mix this season. Think of his collection as "Swedish peasant goes to New York". A silhouette that is less-than-body hugging, soft fabrics, with vintage textile imagery. The day dresses from the collection stay knee length, just like the past recent seasons, with the exception of evening dresses, where Jacobs makes less pretentious gowns from soft, free falling fabrics in light and soft colors. His dresses are "The Great Gatsby goes to the circus", if you will- an ora of elegance, style, and sophistication, with the injection of wild, erratic, and off-the-wall emotions all attached. And the accessories? Perfection. But what else is to be expected from the same designer that heads Louis Vuitton, a brand much more known for their bags and shoes than their clothing. Think straps. For as far up as the leg will allow. Every shoe from the show was adorned with satin straps, differentiating in length of course. And no closed toes! Every model's toe was to be seen, something quite appropriate for the Spring season. Bags were as to be expected from Jacobs- outlandish, bright and full of color contrast. Just like the clothes themselves, each bag was a melting pot of textures, patterns and colors. A flare for the dramatics, Jacobs is sure to have, and as we roll into Spring 2009, it is best we all soon catch on. After all, in fashion it seems, it is Marc Jacob's world, and we all just dress in it.

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