Everyone either wears them, or secretly fantasizes about wearing them, but lets their lack of self confidence get the best of them. The brightly colored skinny jean has been on the fast track for mainstream fashion success for the past 2 years. First it was neutral colors, such as black, grey and white, then a steady drive into pure color; starting with the basic reds and browns, which led to now- a rainbow of colors to choose from for whatever mood you have. There is literally a color of jean for every style, every attitude, and every person. Jean racks in stores now look more like a candy store full of delicious delictables instead of some endless racks of navy denim.

The even newer trend however, is "print" denim; denim that boasts wildly patterned prints and images on them. Plaid? Check. Flower print? Check. Multi-colored zebra and leoppard print? Check. Wait. Thats where the new rules of colored and printed denim MUST come into play. You don't need so much action below the waist- at least not in this scenario. The trick to doing cool denim without looking like you've just been dressed by a 5 year old is quite simple. It's just like any other thing in life, whether it be dieting, drinking, or shopping; Do it In Moderation. Sure, red jeans are fantastic. Zebra print jeans? Even cooler. But do we really need to see someone walking down the street in "Red Zebra Print" jeans? No. You don't come off as cool. You come off as a wounded jungle animal- probably not the look you're going for. There are a few quick tips that can take you from drab to fab:
  • Never mix an over the top colored bttom with an equally outlandish top. Styling is just like a marriage; it's all about balance and compromise. You like the hot pink skinny jeans? Great, but instead of wearing them with a hot pink and purple cashmere sweater, tone them down by wearing them with a dark blazer and simple white undershirt. This makes the look for chic than freak.

  • Stick with one theme. If you want to do a colored jean- make it a solid. And vice-versa. If you want to do a printed jean, make sure you keep the color a neutral. Again, it's all about balance. With two looks as strong as a bold print and a bold color, you're going to look like your having Fashion WW3 below the belt-line.

  • When wearing colored jeans, printed jeans, or even skinny jeans in general, you have to remember it's all about the shoes. You dont wan't chunky; it makes your legs look like tooth picks with jelly beans on the end. You also never want your shoe to compete with your jean for attention; this means NO overtly brightly colored and outlandishly printed mass of plastic on your feet. A nice simple flat or heel will do the trick.

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