Change for America, Change for Fashion

All eyes were on America this time yesterday. All eyes were witnessing a historic event, and all eyes were witnessing what is hoped to be the new direction that this Nation will begin to take. There was something else that maybe not all, but almost all eyes were on- what First lady Michelle Obama was wearing. It has been great speculation ever since Barack Obama won the election to Presidency last November, of what Michelle Obama would wear to the inauguration. Over the past year, the now-First Lady has become a Style Icon herself- embodying what most women want to be able to accomplish-having a career, being independent and intelligent, all while looking great. She is considered the Jackie O of the new Millennium, and rightfully so. The slim, youthful 5'11" First Lady has the perfect body for carrying fashionable clothes, and will hopefully continue to do so over the next four (and hopefully eight) years. Yesterday Michelle revealed to the world her choice for her inauguration attire. It was a light yellow shift dress with matching overcoat by little-known-designer Isabel Toledo. The Cuban born Toledo has been in fashion for over 25 years, and worked as Design Director for Anne Klein from 2006 thru 2007. The dress itself, in my opinion, was a perfect choice for both the event, and the times we live in. Its cheerful color brought a sign of hope and enlightenment- basically taking her husbands campaign values and placing them, quite literally, on her back. The simple, under-embellished dress was not fussy, but simple instead. After all, to wear a gown dripping in diamonds or gold lame' in the worst economic times in our countries history would just be, well, in bad taste. It was a dress of simple cut, color and detail, but spoke volumes to fashion enthusiasts.

For the evening Inaugural Ball gown, Obama once again opted for a simple cut, simply detailed gown by, once again, a relatively unknown designer. Jason Wu, who is in his mid-20's, designed the white ensemble for the evening. All of the detail was literally in the execution. Once again, the look was about a simplistic, classic style that was meant to reflect the times our country is in.

The thing that is most exciting to fashion insiders about Lady Obama, is her obvious love of new, up-and-coming designers. Unlike previous first ladies who always opted for legendary American designers like Oscar de le Renta, Carolina Hererra or Michael Kors, or high-end designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Dior, Obama tends to feature new American designers who are at the forefront of their design careers. What this says about Lady Obama, is that she takes her style seriously enough to invest a little time and thought into what she wears. She does her research on current trends and new, lesser known designers, and it shows. For at least the next four years, Michelle Obama will unarguably be the greatest platform for young American designers, and be a beacon of style throughout the world. That is in fact, Change I am glad to believe in.

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