Dress, and See by Chloe

I can't help but to get excited when I'm browsing online and find something that I personally to believe an incredible bargain. Whether it be an item for me or not, just doesn't matter. I was browsing some of the new offerings from See By Chloe- the branch of Chloe that first began in 2001 as the more casual and urban side of the legendary fashion house. The brand is known for creating simple, youthfully urban and aesthetically intriguing designs that make even the most conscience of fashion lovers seem as though they quickly threw their outfit together. Of the label's more popular items include canvas totes, well layed-out logo tees, and cute, playful, childhood inspired hoes-sandals to be exact. That's when I stumbled upon these neon yellow plastic sandals. They will be absolutely perfect for spring, and will look wonderful with everything from a light sundress, to a body-baring bikini. They instill the current trend of mixing bright eccentric colors with day wear, and will be equally as comfortable as attractive. The price is $125, which may seem steep at first. But for the brand that the shoe comes from-this is an incredible deal. With the shoe also comes the classic Italian luxury and quality that Chloe has brought to the world since 1951. I would buy these little ray-of-sunshine delectables myself, but as one knows, a man cannot not rightfully pull off a neon plastic 2-strapped sandal. So this sweet little confection for the feet is all for you-enjoy.

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