Golden Globes 2009: The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Awful.

The 2009 Golden Globe Awards were just like any other awards show in any given season- full of great speeches, memorable moments, and of course, Fashion. With each awards show however, comes a new batch of good and bad; of glamour and God-awful, and this year my friends, was no exception. To start with the basics, the 2 main trends were the Mermaid dress (that flows away from the body at the knee area or below), and off the shoulder gowns. My choice for overall best dressed, which I'll reveal a little latter, embodies both of these trends. To start with with the good, first off was Eva Longoria, who looked absolutely stunning in her bright red Reem Acra mermaid dress. The thing appeared to be made solely for her body alone; it fit like a well-perfected glove. Drew Barrymore also looked stunning; from the neck down that is. Drew's hair has, since the awards, become an item of great controversy. It appeared as though she was going for the classic Marilyn Monroe look, although unfortunately for her it turned out as though Marilyn survived a brutal hurricane. What was on top of her head was in fact a travesty, not to mention looking like something that could bare the habitat for small creatures. She did however look fantastic in her light periwinkle Dior mermaid gown. Others to shine on the golden night? Kate Beckinsale in J. Mendel, Anne Hathaway, who is now well known style icon (thanks to The Devil Wears Prada of course), in Armani Prive, and Kate Winslet, the nights literal BIG winner, who was showered in sculptural yet simple Yves Saint Laurent in black.

Now for the fun part. Or, if you were the gals wearing these ensembles, the not-so fun part. As Tina Fey comically said in her acceptance speech for Best TV Actress Sunday night: "If you ever feel too good about yourself, there's this thing called the internet. And you can find alot of people there who don't like you." And indeed, the group of people that I am about to list, are catching alot of criticism on the internet over their choice of clothing. To start off, Christina Applegate looked as though she was drowning in a sea of unflattering, stuffy pile of gold, made by Roberto Cavali. Jennifer Lopez also unfortunately fell victim to the sea of gold; she wore a somewhat confusing number by Marchesa which was overly tight on some parts of her body, giving look of a huge gold body suit over her rather "large assets", and overly loose in others. It was a bipolar dress if I have ever seen one. The second-to-last worst dressed person is Rene Zellwegger. She wore a 2 piece ensemble by Carolina Herrera that was nothing short of awful. Over sized mermaid skirt? Check. Transparent black blouse with an awkward "bust cover" underneath? Check. Exposed zipper down her back side? Check. It was a train wreck on a red carpet.

Ok. Now for my choice of best, and worst dressed for the evening. For worst, goes to MARISA TOMEI. The outfit she wore was in fact, God-Awful. Completely inappropriate for an event as formal as the Globes. Her shirt appeared to be an ode to Seinfeld, and her overall outfit could qualify her as the newest cast member addition of Pirates of the Caribbean. Gangly and gawdy, unflattering and distasteful; this outfit by Oscar de la Renta (who won big plus-points that night with other stars such as Kyra Sedgwick) surely took the cake. And rotten cake at that. As for the best? It's rather simple. As soon as I seen her, without even seeing most of the other ladies yet, I knew that EVA MENDES was indeed the night's best dressed. She was simply stunning in a snow white mermaid gown by Christian Dior. The hair was perfect, the skin was perfect, and the turquoise necklace she wore was the icing on a very sweet cake. The dress itself was gorgous; fashion-forward, right on trend, and done high justice to the person adorning it. It done every job a well made gown should. She was, to simply state it-Spectacular.
Now that the Globes have passed, that leaves room for just a few more glamorous nights of awards shows in Hollywood, all of course leading up to Mr. Oscar himself. It will surely be a ride to remember.

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